Breakheader of lithium electrical mixing equipment: Luo Miko launched a new generation of necropic mixed dispersive equipment

Breakheader of lithium electrical mixing equipment: Luo Miko launched a new generation of necropic mixed dispersive equipment

After the subsequent era, it has become a universal consensus in the industry. Whether it is a powerful lithium battery manufacturer, material manufacturer or intelligent equipment manufacturer, is promoted from different angles to promote the promotion of the power lithium battery..

From the manufacturing process of the power lithium battery, the homogenation is undoubtedly its most important step, which has important significance for the increase in the dynamic lithium battery.. In fact, the homogenation process is the basis of the subsequent process, and its efficiency directly affects the production efficiency of the battery; at the same time, the slurry of the homogenate is a positive and negative material that is the maximum cost of the power lithium battery, and its good quality is lithium The cost of the battery is huge.

Shenzhen Luo Mai Ke New Energy Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Luo Wuc New Energy) breaks the traditional idea, the development of the nebula-mixed dispersion equipment, which greatly enhances the efficiency of homogenous efficiency, slurry quality and energy utilization, power power Lithium battery is lowered.

Breaking the tradition, unchive nebula mixed diffusion, Shenzhen Luo Mai Ke New Energy Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Luo Mu”) was founded in November 2017, located in Shengyi Industrial Park, Shijing Street, Pingshan District, Shenzhen 103, is focusing on new energy efficient, energy-saving, environmental equipment solutions suppliers.

Important Engineering and Development, Design, Manufacturing and Sales of Dedicated Equipment and Non-standard Precision Parts, supply new energy-related fields related technology and equipment technical consulting services; engaged in new energy-related materials, products and equipment sales, functional trade and equipment technology Export, etc.. The Huang Hospital of Luo Maiko said: “The traditional mixing equipment is poorly stabilized, the consistency is poor, etc.

. At the same time, the conventional mixing equipment is used to cut high-speed high-speed, and the material has a new secondary damage in high-speed extrusion and kneading. At the same time, the adhesive molecular chain is destroyed, affecting the quality of the slurry.

. “The Chairman of Luo Mai Ke is a painful problem that the traditional mixing equipment has existed, and at the same time, for further driving lithium batteries, Luo Miko launches a nebula-type mixed dispersion equipment..

The Human Academy said that the neockery stirring mixing equipment breaks the hard mechanical high-speed shear stirring of conventional mixing equipment. By flexible tumble, slurry particles are mixed and dispersed, and the slurry is 360 ¡ã. The design principle is as follows: 1.

Use the centrifugal force that causes the dispersed pulp to move from the center of the cylinder to the cylinder wall direction; 2. High-speed rotation of the material in the cylinder to achieve a high-speed circular movement along the dispersion Under the use of the nebula generator, the material is simultaneously moving in the C-axis and the X-axis direction in the cylinder; 4. Append the three motion modes of the cylinder through 123 materials, in the cylinder Each quality point material achieves high-speed nebula motion, and the material is fully mixed in a short time.

. The measuring movement of the nebula-type mixed dispersion equipment is simple. It is a gentle cloud mixed dispersion device that is used to push only the exercise of the slurry.

The dispersion is approximately 5m / s, which is much lower than conventional mixing equipment. The dispersion of 15-20m / s, therefore does not damage the surface of the slurry, and does not rise, but the slurry is 360 ¡ã flexible tumble by inertia, and the slurry is three-dimensional space motion..

This completely subverts the agitation principle of conventional mixing equipment. Multi-level boost dynamic lithium battery rises to the laminate of Dubaik’s nebulated mixed distribution equipment to the power lithium battery. It is important to reflect in three aspects: 1.

Greatly enhanced production efficiency. The nebula-type mixed dispersion equipment disposable, 30-60 minutes can be discharged; and the traditional mixing equipment is mostly 4-7 hours, and it is necessary to press more. Comparison of Star Cloud Mixed Dispersion Equipment and Traditional Equipment Production Efficiency 2.

Great cost of cost savings. Take the 1GWH production line as an example, the nebula-mixed dispersion equipment only needs to be used (650L equipment to apply a positive electrode material, 450L equipment is applied to the negative chip) to satisfy; conventional mixing equipment is approximately 10 sets. In view, the light mixing equipment can save 2.

5 million. The co-cloud mixed dispersive equipment cost comparison due to less equipment, saving human cost and plant space; no temperature rise, no new cooling water system, introduce costs; in addition, nebula-type mixed dispersive equipment unit energy consumption is only 0.022kWh / L And the unit energy consumption of traditional mixing equipment reaches 0.

3-1kWh / L, which will greatly save costs.. 3.

The slurry is stable, the powder is destroyed, the quality is high.. The slurry viscosity of the gear mixed dispersion equipment is as high as 10,000 MPa.

s, which is much higher than the mixing slurry viscosity of the conventional equipment, while maintaining the viscosity change in 9 days (ie 1 unit, existing equipment) The mixed slurry changes to 500 units within 1 hour). High good rate, help to increase the quality of the power lithium battery while reducing costs. It is understood that the nebula-mixed dispersion equipment has been certified on-site testing through related battery packages and ceramic diaphragm manufacturers, and has adequate orders.

Compared to 15 sets of Luo Wucino’s new energy, the nebula-mixed dispersion equipment has been In short supply. Of course, the successful launch of the starry mixed dispersive equipment, but also from Luo Mu Ke owns a group of experts with rich lithium-e-equipment manufacturing related experience..

Lauseom’s expert team has 2 related experience experts from more than 30 years of non-standard equipment, 3 related experience experts with lithium-ion battery products and technology research and development related experience experts, 1 doctoral degree expert. And Chairman, Chairman, General Manager, is a deep tillage in the lithium-ion battery industry for many years. He has served as the Senior Director of the ATL Project Engineering Department, Beijing Prad Engineering Technology Research Center Senior Director and Hubei Camel New Energy Technology Company and Shandongwei General engineers and deputy general manager of various companies such as environmental power supply, Runfeng Group New Energy Technology Co.

, Ltd.. Mr.

Li Ganming, the chief engineer, was served by the Chief Technology Officer of Cori, Dongguan, etc., is a technical expert of the precision and non-standard equipment, and has developed a complete set of complete product leak detection equipment for Apple. ATL company product development overall assembly equipment.

Mr. Huang Guore, Director of New Products, has served as the Samsung Products R & D engineer, the manager of the new product development department, etc. Theory and design related experience.

The Human Academy said that Luo Mi Ke insisted on walking efficient, energy-saving, environmentally friendly roads, adheres to technology independent innovation, through the original equipment design method and independent core control algorithm and core parts design, this has contributed to the nebula Birth of the mixed dispersing mixing equipment, can actively promote the promotion of the promotion of the lithium battery, which can better serve the power lithium battery industry.. It is understood that Luo Maikixin cloud-type mixed dispersion equipment first generation 450L and the second generation 650L have launched and achieved patents, and will introduce the third generation of 1200L nebula-type mixed dispersion equipmen.

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