Braveling ‘chill’ near difficult masking lithium battery industry inversion signal

Braveling 'chill' near difficult masking lithium battery industry inversion signal

Active signal policy continues to release positive signals. On the Thuring December, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology announced the “New Energy Automotive Industry Development Plan (2021-2035)” (Draft for Comment). Analysts pointed out that if the sales of 10 million new cars in 2025, the “planning” new energy car new car sales will reach about 7.

5 million.. In addition, the research center of gravity is focused on fuel consumption, transformed into key core technologies such as dynamic lithium batteries and positive and negative electrode materials, electrolyte, and diaphragm.

. As a program for developing new energy vehicles in my country and the next 15 years, “Planning” will be based on the establishment of relevant planning supply policy for new energy auto industry in the future, long-term new energy auto industry development. At the same time, the global automobile industry electric transformation acceleration.

The German government announced recently that from 2020, the German government will increase from the existing 3,000 euros to 4,500 euros; driving a battery driving a battery, subsidy increased to 5,000 euros. Investment Securities pointed out that the engineering process of the German car enterprise will accelerate, will promote overseas electric vehicles to open a new round of rise..

At the same time, my country’s mid-resembers have developed more mature in the supporting battery industry. It has strong competitiveness in the midstream industrial chain of electric vehicles. In the future, further improve the global electric vehicle supply chain penetration is only time problems, and the middle-reachen manufacturer continues to benefit.

. Domestic excellent dynamic lithium battery manufacturers have taken to overseas markets. Take CATL as an example.

In October this year, CATL is officially broken-handed in the first overseas factory in Turin, Germany.. According to the plan, the European factory has a construction area of ​​23 hectares.

The production line includes the battery and module products. It is expected to form 14GWH production in 2022. The product will be a world-famous car enterprise for BMW, Volkswagen, Daimler, Jaguar Land Tiger, PSA.

. The official put into production of TSLA my country is also a positive boost effect on the domestic battery industry chain..

When the person in charge of the promotion, TSLA is far-reaching in our country, which has far-reaching the whole vehicle manufacturer, battery manufacturers, and upstream material suppliers, and will force the company to do technology.. Tsla is building a plant in my country, will accelerate battery support.

“Premise is technology, quality. “On the occasion of the” Spring Festival “. As the subsidy surrendering, the lithium iron ion battery is gradually expanded compared to the cost advantage of the ternary lithium ion battery.

. Jiang Wefeng, deputy director of the Shenzhen R & D Center of BYD Co., Ltd.

, believes that the market-oriented trend of the current dynamic lithium battery is more obvious. With the improvement of technology maturity, the cost of lithium iron phosphate ion batteries will continue to fall, far below the ternary 811 battery, is expected to become one of the important options in the subsequent time..

In fact, a number of car companies gradually add a phosphate ion battery proportion on a passenger car.. BYD plans to introduce a new-generation phosphate ion battery in 2020, which is 50% higher than the energy density, with a life of 8 years, 1.

2 million kilometers, and the cost is about 30%.. And Jianghuai Auto, Beiqi New Energy, Hezhong New Energy, Nanjing Jinlong, SAIC General Wuling, Dongfeng Automobile and other car companies are also in adhering to R & D and sale of lithium iron phosphate models.

In addition, expanding overseas markets is an important strategy for promoting competent competitiveness in power lithium batteries.. Take the honeycomb energy as an example, as a rookie in the field of power lithium battery, honeycomb energy plan establishes production line in Europe.

Yang Hongxin, General Manager of Honeycomb Energy Technology Co., Ltd., told my country’s Securities News reporter: “We have initially screened a few places inventory, currently communicating with the other party, to study the policies and conditions for their supply.

“Everbright Securities analysts believe that reduces the cost difference between traditional fuel cars and electric vehicles is an important factor in the increase in penetration rate of new energy vehicles.. As the core composition of the new energy vehicle, the magnitude of the cost of power lithium battery is directly affected the promotion and application progress of new energy vehicles.

. Dynamic lithium battery costs Decrease important dependence: more cost-effective material system, more streamlined battery design, lower material prices, process improvement and equipment improvement. The power lithium battery and materials have cost advantages in many aspects, high nickel ternary and lithium iron phosphate system.

. After the market cooling subsidy, the new energy car market seems to “post-strength”. According to the 2019 new energy subsidy policy, national subsidies and local subsidies are sluggish.

Since June 26, new energy auto national subsidies decreased by about 50%, and local subsidies directly exited. Subsidy surrendering is close to 70% in 2019. Since July this year, the new energy auto market has quickly cooled, and the monthly sales volume has been “four consecutive fell”, and the decline is expanded.

. China Automobile Association data shows that this year’s 7-September, the sales of new energy vehicles were 80,000 vehicles, 85,000, 80,000, fell by 4.7%, 15.

8%, 34.2%, respectively; October sales only 75,000 , Expanded to 45.6% year-on-year.

The “chill” of the new energy vehicle market sales caused the dynamic lithium battery industry chain. my country’s Chemistry and Physical Power Industry Association Dynamic Lithium Battery Application Branch announced the data released, October This year, my country’s powered lithium battery installed capacity is about 4.07GWh, a year-on-year decline in 31.

35%. The amount of power lithium battery installed continues for three months. What is worth paying is that the market share continues to concentrate on the head company.

Zhongguancun New Battery Technology Innovation Alliance Secretary General said in the recently held battery new energy industry International Summit Forum, currently 80 production companies in my country’s powered lithium battery sector, but only 40 companies can really realize the installed capacity. And the top 10 companies occupy more than 80% of the market share. “Some domestic power lithium battery companies re-return to the 3C battery sector or turn to the storage industry, the listed companies or contraction investments from cross-borders, or directly return to the main business.

. “Company, new energy car companies and deep bindings between power lithium batteries, let upstream companies pay attention to financial risks. After the Box Battery was arreled by 616 billion debts by Zhongtai Automobile, the upstream of Rongbai Technology, when the promotion of listed companies such as the Skill, and the impact of Bonds (Bonds).

When the relevant person in charge of the promotion, the relevant person in charge told my country’s securities reporter, there is still a certain risk in the new energy auto market.. The customer choice, the downstream of a very good development is a quality customer.

At the same time, to control the risks through the level of technology, quality, products, optimize the entire industrial chain. “From the material to the battery, these sections are high-quality companies, you can safely in the industrial chain. “The future market will focus on the head company in technology and market.

“Billion Lithium Chairman Liu Jincheng told my country’s Securities News reporter, the financial subsidy will be more conducive to this part of the company and the harneous development of the industry.. New Energy Car This should have users with a better consumer experience.

In the past, some companies excessively rely on financial subsidies, many links have misplaced. Subsiders will restore the real look of the market, car companies, and battery companies to return to this value point, pay more attention to product quality and market demand, in order to have a place in the market. New energy automotive industry subsidies to resurface, bring structural adjustments in the dynamic lithium battery industry.

Since this year, the power lithium battery company and the problem have been exhausted, and the market share continues to concentrate on the head company.. Industry analysts pointed out that the power lithium battery industry will still be in the trough in a short time.

. With the end of the new round of automotive configuration cycles, the market is expected to turn in the 2020 market.

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