Both sections affect the battery life to continue?

Both sections affect the battery life to continue?

Compared with traditional fuel cars, a largest soft rib in electric cars is to cause anxiety, and it is charged (energy supplement) time.. So what factors do you affect the battery life? Today we said.

■ Battery is the most critical capacity is still a big bit, and energy density cannot be low. A large part, even occupied the interior of the car (especially electric vehicles based on fuel-saving). When it comes to capacity, it has to be mentioned to energy density – is limited by the body size, the battery cannot be big (that is not worth it), and the capacitance of the weight of the unit is to improve the effective way to improve the battery capacity.

. In recent years, it is almost in 2017 to 2019, the battery energy density on the market has increased from an average of about 100Wh / kg to 150Wh / kg, which is equivalent to the same weight volume, battery capacity and battery improvement 50% look. Even if the same type (such as a three-dimensional lithium ion battery), there will be significant differences due to the advancement of material technology, resulting in the increase in life: but not only the capacity is large, the battery charge and discharge efficiency is also very important thermal management system.

Renew! In the previous Evdaily, we mentioned the temperature of the battery. Its work temperature is not only safe, and it is also related to efficiency, especially discharge efficiency, which directly affects the endless mileage..

Whether it is too low temperature or too temperature, it will make the battery activity decrease, thereby greatly shortening the endless mileage.. ■ The internal consumption should be low: the electrical drive system is also very important as the three major cores of electric vehicles, “three electricity”, and the efficiency of the motor is also related to the battery life, but this technology is relatively mature, technology is not as good as the battery.

And electronically changed this obvious. The electric vehicle should control the current / voltage of the charging / electric drive system. These core semiconductor components can intelligently implement control, that is, so-called power semiconductors.

. The IGBT (insulated gate bipolar transistor) is currently a popular type, which is equivalent to the “brain” of electronically controlled parts in the core components of “three electric”..

The electric control unit will consume energy to control and transform, and its efficiency will affect the battery life.. Material Technology The efficiency change of electrical control components is also very obvious.

From the current trend, the SiC (silicon carbide) semiconductor has a better high frequency than silicon-based semiconductors than silicon-based semiconductors than silicon-based semiconductors than silicon-based semiconductors. High-power, high radiation performance, is expected to be the mainstream of future electric vehicle power components. ■ Electric cars also want to “lose weight”: light weight reduction self-weight vehicles with respect to power and economic performance, affecting electric vehicles in urban working conditions, walking and stopping the self-weight of vehicles more sensitive.

One way of lightning the electric vehicle is to improve the energy density of the battery pack. The same battery capacity, the smaller the density, the smaller the battery, thus enhance the driving efficiency, and improve the life mileage. Make a motor, reducer, and electronically controlled, achieving better integration is also an effective way for electric vehicles lightweight: lightweight and fuel cars in electric vehicle vehicle body do not have much difference, using aluminum alloy and other lightweight Materials, optimizing body design, etc.

can play “slimming”. ■ Tires and shape: Resistance Things as part of the car and ground contact, the rolling resistance of the tire directly affects the energy consumption of the vehicle, and the electric vehicle also affects the life mileage, thus removing some performance orientation models. Most electric vehicles select bias economy, low-roll-resistant tire series, and choose relatively moderate tire sizes.

. If the electric vehicle enters a relatively small high-speed working condition, the air resistance begins more, reducing the wind resistance, has become the content of the designer and engineer to work together, this is about reducing the high-speed energy consumption of electric vehicles, improves long-distance driving Endurance mileage is very important. ■ Don’t dare to open air conditioners? How high is the energy consumption of the car in the car? The warm air is power consuming, others can see some electric car owners don’t dare to open, but I don’t know that this is not only unsafe, the life of the vehicle is not much affected – even A0-level electric car The power lithium battery pack capacity is also above 30 kW, and the power of the zone headlights is not mentioned, and the energy consumption of multi-vehicle internal electrical appliances is not high than the power consumption of the drive vehicle.

. Influencing the vehicle’s internal electrical appliances, the mainstraft, should be considered air conditioning, especially when the warm air (auxiliary electric heating) is turned on..

Since the electric vehicle does not have the exhaust vehicle of the fuel car, it can be used by air-conditioning itself. The current is mostly using PTC auxiliary heating. This part of the electric power is much larger than the compressor, so electric cars are also better than opening cold winds.

The impact is obvious. ■ Single pedal technology is the new energy model, which is not necessarily the most efficient, including pure electric vehicles, usually can be charged by energy recovery, and extends in part of some working conditions (such as down the mountain). recharge mileage.

In addition, one misunderstanding to be interpret is that the energy recovery of electric vehicles is not stronger, but according to the dynamic situation of the vehicle and the driving force of the driver, it is the most effective process. – Super energy recovery, not only is more efficient, it is also difficult to supply a good driving experience, the people who drive, the people who are bullied by the car, the two don’t want to please. ■ Charging also affects? Fast charge may “virtual”, the battery life will also affect the actual endless mileage of the vehicle, especially the fast charge of power is often “virtual”, even if it is normal, it is also very likely that the mileage is significantly larger than the actual Can exercise the number of mileage.

Conclusion: In fact, the fuel consumption is the same, which affects electric vehicle energy consumption and the factors of the battery life, not only three electric technology itself, but also various settings such as tires, wind resistance, etc., so that the means of charging method. With the advancement of technology, the battery life of electric vehicles will gradually alleviate.


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