Blade battery, this BYD and Toyota’s cooperation have a hard work, how can people?

Blade battery, this BYD and Toyota's cooperation have a hard work, how can people?

BYD and Toyota announced the establishment of a joint venture company in the establishment of the development of electric vehicles at November 2019. Nowadays, the new company has been officially established, full named ByDTOYOTAEVTECHNOLOGY (referred to as BTET), half of BYD and Toyota, and plans to officially operate in May. The BTET will be asked by the chairman from Toyota’s macro, from Zhao Binggen, BYD.

. Regarding the establishment of the joint venture, the chairman of the shore is said: “After the joint venture company was founded, Toyota and BYD mastered the self-employed engineers to learn together, jointly attracting the car skills, thus developing the performance of our consumers favorite. Pure electric car.

General Manager Zhao Binggen said: “We will be a joint venture company that collects pure electric automotive technology in China and Japanese technology and related experience.. Committed to promoting, popularizing electric vehicles are more environmentally friendly, safe, comfortable, and wisdom.

Our common vision is the society that creating consumers-centered future travel (travel), people and natural harmonious sharing society. “The important business content of BTET is to develop pure electric vehicles, as well as the platform, parts design and development of parts..

Headquartered in Shenzhen, Guangdong Province, with 300 employees. Toyota Group has brought C-HREV in the 2019 Shanghai Auto Show, and also brought the Lexus UX300E in the 2019 Guangzhou Auto Show. In fact, it is an electric car work for emergency market regulations.

. BYD recently published a new car to use “blade battery” technology. BYD claims that the blade battery has other safety and long life and long-lasting characteristics.

BYD’s blade battery is improved for battery cells, because it looks very similar to the blade. The longer battery monomer set into an array so that the battery pack is accommodated more monomers..

At the same time, reducing the use of the beam or strip, thereby improving spatial utilization, band-capacity, voltage, and battery life.. BYD said that during the daily use of pure electric vehicles, it is possible to cause damage to the battery pack due to the chassis collision accident, thereby there is no obvious reaction, but it has buried safety hazards, possibly Case auto spontaneous combustion, fire accident.

The battery cells of the blade battery are hard shell (aluminum case or steel shell) and the shape is very long, which itself can replace the structural strength of the structural battery pack to ensure that the battery pack is not easily deformed under external force.. Therefore, BYD claims that the blade battery is cut by the steel needle, not only does not show smoke and open flames after the steel needle is penetrated, and the battery temperature is only 30 to 60 ¡ã C.

. Blade battery appearance. The space utilization rate of worshiping the blade is greater, BYD said that the maximum battery life of the pure electric car HAN can reach 605 kilometers, and can meet the needs of consumers’ “12 times per week”; while claiming that the blade battery can be charged 3.

000 times of discharge, driving 1.2 million kilometers long life advantages. Its lithium iron phosphate ion battery also has a low cost advantage.

Before the blade battery technology is not officially launched, there are still many investors and scholars to question the improvement of endurance and security. As the first charger is to launch this technology, it will observe whether this technology has an industry. energy.

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