Behind the New Year – my country’s charging lithium battery

Behind the New Year - my country's charging lithium battery

my country is a lithium-ion battery big country, but the Nobel Chemical Awards flowers, the story of the three lithium-ion batteries, tell us that we are too far from lithium-ion batteries.. On October 9, the Royal Swedish Royal Academy announced that the 2019 Nobel Chemical Award will be awarded American scientists Johngoodenough, Stanley Huininghatem, and Japanese scientists Ji-life to recognize them.

Contribution to the development of lithium ion batteries. In the 1970s, the lithium-ion battery was invented by Huining U..

He used titanium sulfide as a positive electrode material, metal lithium as a negative electrode material, made into the first lithium ion battery. However, this lithium-ion battery electrochemical properties are extremely unstable, which is very easy to fire during charging; and during repeated charge discharge, the battery capacity attenuation is extremely fast, and it is not applicable to commercial applications..

Subsequently, Gudarv broke through the technical breakthrough in this problem, developed a rechargeable lithium-ion battery, and the leadership project group invented a mass production of lithium-ion batteries and lithium iron battery technology.. In 1983, Ji Ni Yifeng proposed the lithium-ion battery patent application today.

It adopts the original concept and makes it more secure, efficient and reliable.. In 1991, Sony Sony has developed a lithium-ion battery for more than 20 years of product to market.

. To the current application of the lithium-ion battery industry, the most voice is my country, whether it is from the physical volume, consumer market, industry chain and other aspects, my country has been in the forefront of the international. However, the Nobel Chemical Awards Lithium-ion batteries and three scientists who have issued awards to the United States, the United Kingdom, Japan, in joy and blessings, and have no stabbed nerves in my country’s lithium-ion battery.

. my country is indeed a lithium-ion battery big country, but we are still far from lithium-ion batteries..

Electric vehicles will “lithium” to the climax of this Nobel Chemical Awards, lithium-ion batteries, can be described as. Lightweight, rechargeable and powerful lithium-ion batteries have completely changed human life, which is widely used in various fields such as mobile phone to laptops and electric vehicles, and can store a lot of energy from solar and wind energy, thus The fossil fuel society has become possible, at the same time, the invention and industrialization of lithium-ion batteries also directly accelerate the development of all human information technology and new energy technology..

At present, from important applications, lithium-ion batteries are concentrated in two fields: First, mobile products, such as mobile phones, computers, about 2/3 of the use of lithium-ion batteries, the second largest area is car power lithium Battery. In some people’s impressions, electric cars are new things that have been developed in recent years..

In fact, electric vehicles have appeared earlier than fuel vehicles, until 1912, in the market, the market has a share advantage, and later eliminated by problems such as technology, costs. At the moment, the reason why the electric car is rising, because the lithium-ion battery technology is increasingly maturing and the degree of commercialization. In other words, the electric vehicle can become an ideal means of transportation, depending on whether the appropriate high-energy density battery can be found.

. The lithium ion battery is used as the “heart” of electric cars, has always been regarded as the lifeline of the new energy vehicle industry..

And at the same time, with the increase in national policies on the increase in the support of new energy auto industry, and the enhancement of people’s environmental awareness, the global new energy automobile market enters the rapid development channel. During the period, almost all important car companies have developed an electric transformation strategy. Related data show that the whole year of 2018, the sales of electric vehicles have exceeded 2 million units, and the market accounts for 2.

1%, up 72% year-on-year.. Wall Street Research Corporation Burnstein said that in the next 20 years, electric vehicles may account for 40% of global car sales, and 30% of global car ownership.

At present, the cost of carrying batteries in electric vehicles has occupied one-third, and the size of the car battery market will be further expanded with the development of electric vehicles. This is a foreseeable future..

The dynamic lithium battery sector is driven rapidly from the global new energy vehicle market, and has become an important factor in the rapid rise of the global lithium-ion battery market in recent years.. According to the high-rise industry research institute (GGII), 2018 global lithium-ion battery market increased by 21.

81% year-on-year, reaching 188.80GWH, 27.12% over the past 5 years.

GGII analysis believes that the future of the lithium battery in the next 5 years will still be the fastest segment of the lithium-ion battery industry, and its increased important development is actively developed by countries and regions around the world, driving new energy vehicles.. How to get three stages since the big birth of the Lithium-ion battery industry from the big country, is from Japan, which is from Japan, to Japan and Han hegemony, and now China, Japan and South Korea.

Japan, South Korea has a certain advantage in technology research and development and manufacturing process; my country has three advantages of raw materials, markets, and policies, and has become the head players in the world’s lithium-ion battery industry, with the world’s most complete lithium-ion battery. The industry chain, the largest market size, the old-style lithium-ion battery giant in the status and Japanese. According to data shows that there is currently more than 70% of the total output of my country’s power lithium battery companies.

. In 2018, 10 of the top 10 companies in the global power lithium battery shipments, my country occupied seven. The process of power lithium battery industrialization leads the world, the status of the leader has begun to appear.

“BYD, CATL and other companies have very strong motivation, and it is also very optimistic.”. “Japanese scientist Ji Ni, who has just won the Nobel Chemical Award, this evaluation of two head batteries in my country at an open technical exchange meeting.

my country’s dynamic lithium battery technology has been rapidly improved. Some indicators have reached the international advanced level. The important manifestations of the power lithium battery cell energy density exceeds 240Wh per kilogram, which makes the cost of the power lithium battery are also rapidly decline.

The monomer has dropped from 5 yuan / WH in 2012 to about 1 yuan / wh.. However, in the most basic and core level, my country does not have technical advantages, and even the Japanese and South Korea’s battery industry still has considerable technical gap.

. In many indigenous people, my country’s dynamic lithium battery and Japanese and Korean gap in addition to technical level and manufacturing processes, more gaps are reflected in R & D and management, such as the major technical breakthrough in R & D, in terms of battery manufacturing aspect. Ji Ye also said that although my country and South Korea are rising, Japan is used in the isolation layer of lithium-ion batteries, and the positive and negative electrode and other services are strong.

The key is to control the core technology, although it can control the ideal downstream. Chen Qingtai, chairman of my country Electric Motors, held that the most important thing to continuously improve their competitive status is to master core technology, and have the ability to create core technology. “The key is to condense outstanding talents, maintain enough R & D investment.

Battery companies also have to cooperate with higher education institutions, research institutions, and carry out basic research on dynamic lithium batteries.. “In addition to the technical gap, my country’s powered lithium battery market has also supplied tight and overproduction.

. According to data, my country’s powered lithium battery production has exceeded 200GWH in 2017, but the overall production utilization rate is only 40%..

The reason, the market is clear, the high-end quality product is in short supply, the sales of low-end production is difficult, showing excess structural yield. With the continuous improvement of battery technology, the competition of car lithium-ion batteries will be increasingly fierce..

In the future, the promotion of energy density of dynamic lithium batteries will become the focus of market competition, which will also be the key to the entire new energy automotive industry.. With the market competition, some low thresholds, technology backward power lithium battery companies are gradually eliminated, and the industry shuffling acceleration.

It is worth mentioning that after the lithium-ion battery, the tide of the solid battery will undoubtedly open the next battery era.. Japan New Energy Industry Technology Comprehensive Development Agency has announced that some of the automotive, battery companies and academic institutions will jointly develop, and strive to comprehensively master solid-state batteries in 2022; German Volkswagen Group has recently announced investment of $ 100 million for solid state Battery development and mass production.

Industry insiders believe that my country has entered a solid-state lithium-ion battery sector, and it is important to support research institutions or colleges, and the industrialization process is slow.. From the global perspective, although European and American companies lost their position in this round of competition, it is a potential powerful competitor for the next stage of competition layout.

. Then, is my country’s new round battery technology competition after a lithium-ion battery?.

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