Battery shortage dragging car business delivery

Battery shortage dragging car business delivery

Xiaopeng Auto P7480 model delivery time has raised market disputes. The response is because of the lithium phosphate ion battery. A few days ago, in the case of recent report, Xiaopeng Automobile responded to the media said that due to the influence of the epidemic, the industry facing the extreme tension of lithium iron phosphate ion batteries, causing Xiaopeng P7480 models that cannot be subscribed Expected delivery period within time.

On December 9, many 4S shop salespersons in Shanghai said to the International Finance News reporter that Xiaopeng P7480 models (miraph phosphate ion battery) delivery cycle is 15-16 weeks, that is, about 4 delivery cycles Month, but its P7670 model (equipped with three yuan lithium ion battery) will be faster, around 4-9 weeks. It corresponds to the “price increase” wind wave and Xiaopeng’s passenger to delay the delivery situation..

According to the latest announcement of the November, the new energy vehicle market data released by the Commission, Xiaopeng Automobile ranked fifth in the sales performance of 1,5613 vehicles, only Xiaopeng P7 delivered 7839 Vehicles, accounting for 50% of the total sales volume. It is reported that Xiaopeng Automobile has continued to deliver a single month delivery for three months, and it has become the only new energy car brand in “小 理”, which has risen by 54% from the previous year. 270%.

Such a bright grade should win the public’s applause and praise, but Xiaopeng cars can’t meet such sales in the supply chain.. Recently, there is a “Xiaopeng P7480 kilometer battery”, the owner of Xiaopeng’s refusal to deliver the vehicle, “is written, Xiaopeng Automobile is different for market vehicle reservation orders, Xiaopeng P7670 kilometers The version orders are fully arranged to produce supplies, but the 480 version of the order is free for free.

. In this regard, Xiaopeng cars responded that this is not different, but because of the lithium iron phosphate ion battery. In addition, or because of the problem of yield, Xiaopeng cars also caught a “temporary increase price” in November.

. A few days ago, according to the media report, Mr. Chen, Xiaopeng Automobile Owner, took a small Pengpeng P7, who was booked by 5,000 yuan in October 23, on November 11th, in October 23, But by the clerk asked to increase the price of 7,000 yuan to pay the contract without the owner of the car.

. In the face of Mr. Chen’s complaint, Nanjing Xiaopeng Automobile Sales & Service Co.

, Ltd. Sales Director said that due to new energy vehicles within 300,000 yuan to enjoy national subsidies, it is intentionally low contract prices, and then supplement, this is a unified operation..

In this regard, netizens have questioned, this is not to use “Yin Yanyan Contract” “lie”? On the same day, Xiaopeng car responded that the store clerk did not know the relevant promotional policy in November, causing the misunderstanding of customers.. Currently handled customer requirements properly, while the store and related personnel have seriously dealt.

In the case of the increase in the car, the reporter also consulted the two Shanghai area 4s shop, which said that they were unclear, but they didn’t have a price increase. If you encounter similar questions, you can go to the official website..

The shortage of industry battery is actually, with the rise of new energy vehicles this year, the supply of power lithium-ion batteries has recently appeared.. As early as July this year, there was news that Xiaopeng Automobile founder He Xiaopeng went to the Ningde Times’s battery in order to successfully got the battery of Ningde Times.

. Although He Xiaopeng has rumored this, “battery shortage” is visible. On the other hand, the chairman of Ningde Times Zeng Qun also said in the general meeting of shareholders, saying that the customer has frequently promptly, and it has made him “can’t stand it”.

. The tightness of the dynamic lithium-ion battery sales have long been reflected in the capital market, and the lithium-industrial industry has once become a hot plate in the A-share market. The relevant stocks have doubled the market.

. There is an analysis that this may be the continuous shortage of lithium resources, and the long-term high-speed rise of the industry’s long-term high-speed raw material demand in the upper row of lithium-ion batteries..

Tibet Everest in Argentina planned total investment of $ 1.7 billion in two salt lake development projects officially launched. Former Ningde Times’s acquisition of the lithium-mine supplier Millennium Lithium industry was high as a high-ascener of the American lithium, from the current worldwide world It is also difficult to see the mine struggle.

Lithium resources are becoming a cake who is crazy.. In this context, there are many car manufacturers that they are currently facing the tension of dynamic lithium-ion batteries, including Volkswagen, Daimler and Stellantis, and Korean battery manufacturers Skinnovation executives have also been revealed.

US Automotive Industry Power Lithium Ion Battery Shortage will last until 2025. Lithium-ion battery manufacturer also pressure. Zeng Qun, chairman of Ningde Times believes that “At present, the output of the whole industry chain is relatively slow, and it is not effective.

. “The lithium-life lithium industry has also said that the production of lithium-ion batteries is more tense, and there is basically 28 days a month to produce overload..

It is worth noting that the shortage of power lithium-ion battery belongs to the whole industry. Since there are still some countries and regions that are still continuing, a large number of plants are closed or unable to completely restore production, which exacerbates battery shortages around the world..

According to Barrenjoey, the supply of lithium in the next decade will continue to be tight, the supply gap will continue to be expanded. By 2030, the supply and demand gap will reach 1200,000 tons of lithium carbonate quantity..

As the upper reaches of lithium resource supply tight, the price of lithium salt is also high. In terms of battery-grade carbonate, its offer has exceeded 200,000 yuan / ton at the end of November, and the accumulated increase of more than 127% from August.

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