Battery recycling is not the ‘short check’ three recycling methods favorable map

Battery recycling is not the 'short check' three recycling methods favorable map

Recently, the “New Energy Automobile Power Battery Recycling Research Report” announced by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology further increased the pollution prevention and control of waste dynamic lithium batteries to a height.. Recycling of the power lithium battery is no longer only stayed in a simple topic, and the relevant people expects the national power lithium battery scrap in 2018 to 2020 to 11-.

2 million tons, guidance and huge interests in relevant policies. Next, more companies have or expected to use battery recycling to practice. Dynamic lithium battery recycling reuse in the battery can be recycled? In terms of the power lithium-ion battery cell, including positive electrode, negative electrode, diaphragm, electrolyte.

Lithium phosphate ion battery is stable due to its material structure, long life, may be more advantageous in the ladder. The metal substances contained in the three-way battery used in the passenger car include cobalt, lithium, nickel, copper, aluminum, etc., which are rare metals, which can imagine huge profits hidden by their recovery.

. Lithium-ion battery costs have three more than current recycling methods. The first, government departments and new energy car companies cooperate to consume some of the waste-powered lithium batteries as energy storage or other uses, the battery model, more unity, and use technical means to perform performance and life testing of the battery.

. my country Tower and Nanjing Jiangbei Stations are “big” in this field..

The second, the car company itself establishes the recycling system to recover the retired power lithium battery sold.. Using technical means, the battery ladder is used in other production equipment of its automotive plants.

Of course, the full scrapped battery will be unified disassemble, recover valuable metal substances and other materials, which greatly saves the production cost of car enterprises.. The public has prepared in Germany to establish a battery factory.

After completion, the public can handle 1200 tons of waste car-level lithium-ion battery pack, which is expected to reach 97% in the next decade! The third type of power lithium battery, special battery recycling company. At present, there are only 5 recycling companies recognized by the industry..

Because the recycling profits is huge, many “small workshops” recycle lithium-ion batteries and conduct violent disassembly, the consequences of lack of professional means are rough materials, and the non-professional treatment of battery electrolytes will lead to environmental pollution. The power lithium battery is huge, but this “big cake” is not anyone can eat, people who will eat cakes to fell, this is the real thing.

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