Battery new national standard is implemented, charging lithium battery or will you usher in spring?

Battery new national standard is implemented, charging lithium battery or will you usher in spring?

As the green environmentally friendly transportation, electric vehicles are widely appreciated, which greatly promotes the development of related accessories industry! As the battery of electric vehicle power source, its development speed has more than electric vehicles’ development speed! Electric vehicle The promulgation of the new national standard stipulates the high threshold for the consolidation of the burden of the whole vehicle (including the battery), no doubt, there is no doubt that the new national standard provides that the lithium battery bicycle company and the lithium-ion battery manufacturing company are very beneficial, so that Light weight, lithium battery high than energy, becomes the preferred battery of the new national standard vehicle. The new national standard of the battery is officially implemented from July 1, because the battery “New National Standard” electric vehicle “new national standard” double national standard promulgated, this clearly supports the new energy lithium-ion battery has a substitution lead-acid battery, and the lithium-ion battery has developed rapidly. 300% over the rising speed.

But do things really see if we have seen? The answer is not necessarily. The lithium-ion battery does have a lot of congenital advantages, such as small volume, light weight, because lithium ion battery is light, the lithium-ion battery has a high capacity density, the same weight volume, the equipped energy is multiple of the lead-acid battery. Conversely, the same energy lithium-ion battery will be much lighter than lead acid batteries, which may be one of the reasons why lithium-ion batteries will be more popular under the new national standard.

. The advantage is that the power is strong, the mileage is longer, the same vehicle, the same configuration Performance is obvious than lead-acid batteries. Its important cause is that the liquid discharge performance of the lithium ion battery is better than lead acid.

In addition, it is light, and the car climb is equal to alleviating self-weight. Of course, the climbing ability is stronger, it is undoubtedly a popular reason..

Advantages of three batteries are more useful, longer service life, this is also a point emphasized by the new national standard.. Generally, the number of three yuan, the number of cycles is about 1000 times, according to our current electric vehicle general usage, the lithium-ion battery can be used in at least 4 years, the most important thing is to recycle, which will maximize energy utilization! So much advantages of lithium-ion batteries, now we return to the market, the reason why lithium-ion batteries have not been fully promoted, there is always reason, what is the reason why the lithium-ion battery is full of comprehensive outbreaks? First, the technology of the R & D lithium-ion battery is still not mature, and there is still a technical problem of the R & D of the lithium-ion battery, the research and development of the excipient battery, although it is capable of recycling, but it is difficult to ensure that the actual life of the product reaches the ideal requirements! And related this There is no high subsidy, and the research and development fund is not given.

It can only be a foot feet on the material. This is the cause of inferior lithium-ion batteries. Second, the maintenance of lithium-ion batteries must be professional Detecting equipment, the battery is picked up, then use professional equipment to make compatible matching, ensuring that the battery pack height consistency, the cost of high-tech is made to make many merchants, we know, lead-acid batteries can be The key point of the popularity is that the battery maintenance is very convenient, so that the lead-acid battery has become a very typical independently sold components in the electric motor industry, and the repair battery has a real household name, thousands of households can repair the situation.

. Finally, the new national standard is introduced, and the company has a higher requirements for the vehicle company, and all lithium-ion batteries must have a cost-to-date, so that the lithium-ion battery can be made The price is gradually close to the price of lead-acid batteries. Although the current lithium-ion battery can basically do 1 yuan per watt, the product’s maintenance rate is always high.

. According to reports, the maintenance rate of the lithium-ion battery is maintained at 6-13%, which is much higher than about 5% of the lead-acid battery..

Since the battery quality has been issued, it is necessary to hand it over to the factory responsible for repair, which not only has added the cost of maintenance, but also the time that the maintenance is greatly extended.. This is also one of the reasons why lithium-ion batteries cannot be popular rapidly.

. In short, the new national standard is implemented, and it is believed that more companies will choose a lithium-ion battery in the future..

At the same time, it is required to take a lightweight path of the bulky lead-acid battery, so the vehicle will have a large amount of lightweight material to reduce weight to make up for the lack of lead-acid batteries.. Lithium-ion batteries have caused lead-acid batteries in the future for a long period of time due to their techniques.

. In combination, the lead-acid battery and lithium-ion battery are driven by the new national standard. It is not a party to replace the other party, but an urgent direction to fuse, find the most appropriate way to combine the advantages of the two.

“Lightweight” will also be a major key issue that will overcome in the future industry!.

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