Battery motor will be included in the new three-pack new energy car to wear the ‘tight spell’

Battery motor will be included in the new three-pack new energy car to wear the 'tight spell'

In the 6 years of the three-package law, the legitimate rights and interests of many consumers were guaranteed, but with the development of new technologies and the upgrade of the automotive industry, this policy also facing many new challenges.. On December 22, Beijing Business Daily reported that the National Defect Product Management Center learned that the new version of the automobile three pack policies are being revised, and it is important for new energy vehicles, returning truck conditions, punishment quota, etc.

The important components of the battery motor for new energy vehicles will be included in the new version of the three-package range. Industry insiders said that with the booming of new energy vehicles in the past two years, new energy owners have gradually appeared in caring and use..

The new three-pack policy is adjusted to new energy vehicles, which allows new energy owners to be able to be in accordance with similar incidents, their rights are guaranteed. The new three guarantees will land, and will further standardize the new energy auto market..

“Battery Motor” is included in the three-package range October 1, 2013, the automobile three guarantees policy officially began. Important content for retail business companies “package repair, replacement, and retreat” sold out. It is worth noting that in 2013, the development of new energy vehicles has just started, and the focus of the three-pack policy of the automobile is also important for fuel truck.

. In 2013, the three-package policy version of 2013 showed that the product quality of the domestic automotive products from the date of delivery of the purchase of the car purchase in the date of delivery (with the first-served mileage), the engine and transmission important parts of the product quality If you have problems, consumers can choose to replace the engine, the transmission. “But the three-package policy does not guarantee the core components of new energy vehicles.

With the launch of national subsidy policies and users accepted gradually on new energy vehicles, the automotive industry ushered in the booming development and electric technology.. In 2019, my country’s new energy car ownership reached 3.

8 million, and it has been taken in 2013.. However, due to the electric vehicle body structure, technical principle and traditional internal combustion engine automobiles, the technical characteristics of new energy vehicles, the re-adjustment of the three-pack policy is imminent.

. “The biggest change in this three packs is to adjust the technical characteristics of new energy vehicles..

He Xing, director of the Third Package Department of the National Defect Product Management Center, said that the power storage battery and motor will be included in the important system of the engine and the transmission, and the two parts have failed, and you can also enjoy a free replacement assembly.. As early as March this year, the State Market Supervision Administration announced that the market supervision, the market supervision, the “home car product repair, replacement, return responsibility regulations” revised, and now disclose opinions from society.

He Xing revealed that after several months of comments collected, the new version of the automobile three-package stipulates in the revision process, but basically formed a certain idea, the new version of the car three-pack regulations set new energy vehicle power lithium batteries, motor incorporation Replacement truck. “The new three-package regulations fill the blanks of new energy vehicles three packages policy..

Li Jinyong, president of the National Industrial and Commercial Commercial Association, New Energy Auto Branch, “said” “The battery and drive motor of the new energy car are included in the three-package range, so that the three packs of the new energy car really landed”. Solve the “concerns” of the car, my country’s new energy automobile market is developing rapidly. With the new energy car insurance, vehicle safety issues also highlight.

Among them, the safety issues caused by electric cars causing many consumers anxious to new energy.. The battery and motor are included in the new three-pack method, and the revision of this three-package law is also added to the returned vehicle terms.

. Hexing said: “The power lithium battery is a kind of fault, we also included in the conditions of the return car. “Data shows that in 2018, new energy vehicles have more than 40.

The new energy vehicle spontaneous survey results announced by the General Administration of Market Supervision, according to vehicle type, the number of passenger cars and logistics vehicles accounted for 79.8% and 15.5%; according to the cause of fire, there is battery or battery cells Failure, external impact and user private modification, soaking water, charging pile failure, violation operation, etc.

%. According to industry insiders, electric vehicle power lithium batteries are not uncommon, and the dynamic lithium battery is thermal out of control. It is easy to trigger electric car nature.

. Incorporating the battery in three packs, also illustrating the importance of the new regulations on the safety of the power lithium battery, and to some extent, it is also to urge the car manufacturer to put safety problems first..

In addition, with the development of new energy markets, consumers’ urgent needs of continuing to improve the company have prompted the company to continue to enhance vehicle integrated capacity.. However, in order to new vehicle competitiveness, some car companies choose the “virtual standard” battery life, it is precisely because of this abnormal operation, official battery life or less water.

According to incomplete statistics, 57.1% of the new energy vehicle owner said that it can feel significant attenuation of the dynamic lithium battery, and 35.7% of the owners said that there is attenuation but not obvious.

. To this end, the new three-package policy will propose quality warranty requirements for the dynamic lithium battery of new energy vehicles, requiring pure electric automotive types to clearly mark the attenuation limit and related test methods of power lithium battery..

Hexing said: “The company wants to tell consumers how much the battery capacity of this car is attenuated, how much attenuation is attenuated in two years, so that consumers have a understanding of the basic performance of the vehicle before buying a car.. “This means that after the new three-pack policy is implemented, in the three guarantees, if the power lithium battery capacity naturally attenuate exceeds the limit, the manufacturer needs to be responsible for the owner.

Wang Bing, director of expert group of national new energy automotive innovation project, said that the power lithium battery “virtual standard” is not a widely used behavior of automobile companies, but it is indeed objective existence. In 2020, the new energy car officially entered the eve of the market development, further constrained the company’s behavior, will help regulate the new energy vehicle market environment..

Promoting the development of new energy vehicles for nearly two years, my country’s new energy automotive industry has achieved long-term development. Data show that the total sales of new energy vehicles in 11 months will increase by 1043,000 units, up 1.3% year-on-year.

. But with the retraction, the current new energy market has emerged for five months of sustained decline..

Chen Shihua, secretary-general of my country Automobile Industry Association, said that the new energy vehicle market has entered the adjustment period. As the domestic new energy car market competition is more fierce, the new energy recognition will be further improved, the potential of the bottom of the valley is still large. “Companies that have excellent product have excellent technology can develop long-distance development in the future market.

. “Chen Shhua said. In this regard, analysts believe that with the resurface of subsidies, the new energy market has also entered the key node of development.

. At this time, the new energy vehicle “three packs” policy will be revised using legal means to eliminate the market mechanisms, which is also in line with the market economy and feasibility. It is more important to protect the rights of consumers and enhance consumers.

Confidence on new energy cars. In the important period of new energy gradually got rid of the policy crutches, the “three packs” can accelerate the future of new energy vehicles..

“New energy cars have entered the mass consumption stage, and traditional fuel trucks are complementary relationships.. At all parties, the overall level of new energy vehicles is gradually improved.

. “The experts of the automotive industry said that the new three-pack method reflects the requirements of the times, the market voice, which is in line with the real needs of consumers, and it is also conducive to promoting the healthy development of new energy auto industry..

What is worth paying is that in order to further protect the rights of user rights, the new version of the three-package regulations have also made corresponding adjustments in the new car return of consumers.. In the current version of the car three bags, the maintenance time of the product is exceeded by the product quality problem, or the total repair of the same product is more than 5 times, consumers can use the three-package certificate, the purchase invoice requirements.

In the new version of the three-package regulations, Hexing said: “These two numbers reduce to 30 days and 4 times, adjust towards consumers more favorable direction. “In addition, there is a substantial increase in penalties..

The new version of the automobile three packs regulate the relevant provisions of the introduction of consumer rights protection law. Previously, the amount of penalty for refusing to perform the three-package specified behavior was up to 30,000 yuan. The new version of the three-package regulations increased the penalty amount to 500,000 yuan, and the automobile main factory supported and cooperated with the car dealer.

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