Battery ‘lifetime warranty’ is a high quality service or marketing?

Battery 'lifetime warranty' is a high quality service or marketing?

Since this year, new energy vehicles have a self-ignition accident that has been bonded in two-in-one, began to combat potential consumers and buy desires.. According to incomplete statistics, there are nearly 50 due to the new energy vehicles caused by the battery due to the battery.

. In this context, in order to boost new car sales, dispense consumer concerns, some car companies began to propose powerful lithium batteries “lifetime warranty” affordable provisions. For example, Weima car announced from July 1st, to implement a lifetime free warranty policy on the vehicle battery.

Prior to this, the leader 01phev was listed in July 2018, and the maintenance of the battery life warranty is also played.. Wei Si ES8 also proposed a lifelong warranty when listed, not limited to the battery.

Then, “lifelong warranty” for consumers, is a “high quality service”, but only a “marketing 噱噱” in the paper. “High quality service” or “Marketing”? Since the new energy market is in the stage of rapid development, the speed of the model is faster, it is basically in 1-2 years, which also leads to many new cars purchased by the owner very quickly and speaking, most of the 3-5 years will choose the train..

Kung Fu Cars believes that most of the lifelong warranty is a private car, and regarding the cycle and frequency of the car, as long as it can guarantee for 8 years or 150,000 kilometers, it is basically equivalent to “life”, so the lifetime warranty concept may not make sense. In addition, all manufacturers of the battery life warranty have their own meaning, with a small difference, will have a considerable range limit..

This means that there is a certain threshold for the conditions of the new energy vehicle important in line with lifelong warranties.. For example, the vehicle must make life in 4S store maintenance, repair; the vehicle will no longer enjoy the lifelong warranty after the accident; only limited to household, even the official is not available, etc.

. In addition, the Kung Fu Motor should clear a point of view, that is, “lifelong warranty” is relatively different from “Lifetime free replacement battery”, the normal attenuation of the power lithium battery is not in the warranty. In other words, unless you have “abnormal attenuation” in your battery, or what is unexpected, you can seek replacement.

However, the power lithium battery fault has no uniform standard. Now the fault cases of various batteries and the design methods are not the same, and the causes of problems are not the same, and most manufacturers do not issue a perfect analysis report..

Therefore, even if it is a warranty period, how to “abnormal attenuation” is still a region where there is a cat.. Everything has two sides of the two-sided stage, and the presence of battery life warranty services has both positive influence and reverse impact.

. From the front, whether it is a leading sheep company or a new forces, a lifetime warranty service gives an invisible in the industry more “invisible pressure”, further establish a new energy vehicle maintenance standard. From the reaction, the truly power lithium battery lifetime warranty is basically unable to do, because the cost is high.

. At the same time, there are too many pre-conditions of the battery life warranty, and each maintenance test standard is not the same, the difficulty is difficult, and consumers are difficult to benefit..

It is undeniable that all things have two-sided nature. When the entire industry of the new energy car is not mature, the battery life warranty service is quite “chicken” means. But behind, behind the battery life, behind the battery “difficult rise”.

Perhaps, with the cost of the power lithium battery, the consumer’s concerns are naturally “not attacking”. According to Kung Fuki, the mainstream battery three-yuan lithium-ion battery is the case, the current production price is reduced by 30% in 2017, about 1.45 yuan / wh, this price is calculated to change a 40KWH battery price of 58,000.

According to the automotive industry consulting agency Wilsen, as the company’s production scale expands, battery technology improvement, battery system cost will remain approximately 10% to 20% a year ago, 2020, then there is about 5 % ~ 10%. The country also explicitly proposes that it is necessary to reduce battery production in 2020 to 1 yuan / WH. If it is achieved, the price of the battery in the next 40kWh is about 40,000, and can also enjoy the country’s battery recycling subsidies, and finally expected to be around 20,000.

Written in the final stage, the lifelong warranty service of the power lithium battery is implemented from the cost control to a specific case, strictly can’t do it.. Perhaps, the new energy industry should focus on how to make the power lithium battery “add this effect”.

Next, new energy passenger cars will be adjusted in a realistic environment that truly subsidized, accompanying subsidies to completely exit and integrate transaction systems, and move towards complete marketization.. During this transition, the whole cost, especially battery costs, no matter the “grab the share”, or boost or boost consumer confidence, it is a very critical factor.

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