Battery giants frontally fight LG chemistry and SKI contradictions

Battery giants frontally fight LG chemistry and SKI contradictions

Recently, the battle of the two Korean power lithium battery giants LG chemistry Skinnovation (hereinafter referred to as “SKI”) will not only stop, but it is more intensified.. It is learned from the insiders of Han Dynasty Battery Company, and the current two companies have “basically give up” agree through consultation, and they plan to resolve disputes by continuing their response.

The above-mentioned insiders said that the two companies have been meeting with ten times, including the person in charge of the legal department, a senior high-level leader, and the president of the two companies have also met last year.. “However, because the conditions proposed by the two companies are too distaver, and the two companies have basically not concession, they have basically abandoned coordinated probability.

. “SKI aspects puts a hundred billion won level compensation to LG chemistry, but LG chemistry requires” at least “trillion won, and the two are nearly ten times.”.

SKI has always hoped to resolve this dispute before the US ITC (International Trade Commission) announced in October 5, but the amount of the two is too large, and both parties say “If the other party’s request, the company will involve miscarriage Danger”. The person in charge of the two companies did not answer the above information, but the person in charge of one of the companies acknowledged that the negotiation process did encounter “some difficulties”, but there is currently no possibility of negotiation solutions, and will continue to communicate. It is worth noting that September 7, two companies re-emergency statement on the “994 patent” and its subsidiary patents involving the power lithium battery material, refuting the other’s position, LG chemistry aspects SKI will chemistry The staff digged SKI and stealing the core secret aftervenment.

“994 patent”. SKI believes that although patented R & D is indeed from LG chemistry, the R & D is eligible from LG chemistry in 2008, far earlier than LG chemical utilization related technology, so that the allegation of LG chemistry is not established, and Controlling LG Chemical use SKI “994 patent” to develop, and no SKI license. The public information shows that the scawk of the two companies is from April 2019.

At that time, LG chemistry accused SKI’s total of 76 LG chemical dynamic lithium battery business units, and in this way, the core technology, This will make an accusation to the US ITC. Subsequently, SKI is “illegally utilized the 994 patent” of the ITC counterfeit “, and is required to compensate LG chemistry..

In addition to in the United States, the two companies are also in Korea.. In June 2019, SKI once proposed to the central place of Seoul, LG chemistry, and requested an apology and compensation of 1 billion won (approximately 57.

54 million yuan) for uninterrupted.. It is affected by TSLA, Volkswagen and other car sales improvement, and Korean power lithium battery companies have generally rising.

According to the data of the global dynamic lithium battery research institution, from January to July this year, LG Chemical’s power lithium battery installed in the global market is 25.1%, exceeding CATL occupies the first place; SKI is 4.1%, before entering Ten, for the sixth place.

However, in Korea’s new Korean Securities Analyst, Li Xianzheng, the six company’s tulle war continued, the reason is the technique leakage caused by digging, and behind the complex competition of Korea, and the global power lithium battery market.. In November 2018, the Volkswagen Group announced that SKI supplies battery for electric vehicles based on the modular electric toolkit (MEB) platform; SKI is determined by JacksoncountY, Jacksoncount, Georgia, USA, JacksoncountY, Georgia, United States.

Lithium battery factory, the plant is expected to invest in production in 2022, the total investment amount will reach 1.14 trillion won (about 6.558 billion yuan), and the initial production target value is 9.

8GWH; According to the Korean media, in LG Chemical Before the order of TSLA, the two companies also played the “Saw” competition in the order of TSLA orders.. Li Xianyi believes that the most direct cause of LG chemistry and SKI sword is illegal, and SKI has won the orders of mass powered lithium batteries.

In addition, since the main products of the two are square tri-lithium ion battery packs, there is a highly competitiveness.. As a result, LG chemistry believes that the SKI has a short time, and it is possible to replace the leading LG chemistry in the industry, because SKI has taken many R & D staff in the past two years, and actively draws its core technology.

. “Li Xianxi further believes that since ITC has announced a more favorable ruling on LG chemistry in prechrument, SKI will rush to reach an agreement and believe that if the two parties have been agreeable, SKI will be more. .

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