Battery costs are desirable to fall 40% electric cars in the future!

Battery costs are desirable to fall 40% electric cars in the future!

New energy vehicles have reached 2 million in my country, which can be expected that new energy vehicles mainly based on pure electric vehicles will fully replace fuel vehicles in the near future.. However, let the new energy car age come, the price is a threshold.

The full media reporter notices that the current battery accounts for about 40%, and is one of the reasons for the high price of electric vehicles.. When is the price of the new energy car to fall, even if the fuel truck is cheap? In this regard, the industry’s recent broad consensus: the fastest to 2020, the cost of pure electric vehicles will fall sharply 40%, which is five years later, it is expected to be lower than the fuel car.

. Under various subsidies, my country’s new energy car ownership has exceeded 2 million vehicles..

However, new energy vehicles including pure electric vehicles currently sell expensive, if there is no country and local subsidies, maybe. Moreover, the future new energy car subsidy policy will gradually tighten, the whole media reporter pays attention to the new energy subsidies, the new energy subsidies, the new energy subsidies that are implemented on June 12 this year, have been reduced by 50%. The models of less than 150 kilometers will no longer enjoy subsidies.

. And after 2020, the subsidy policy will be completely canceled..

Regarding this trend, many consumers issued questions: Today, a new energy vehicle in more than 400 kilometers is more than 400 kilometers, the price is equivalent to about 60% off the official guidance price.. There is no subsidy in the future, even if the car purchase price is reduced, the price of the consumer is at least more than 30%, is it worth choosing? Cui Dongshu, secretary-general of the National Trade Federation, said that cancel subsidies is a general trend, only policies are tightened, and the true strength of each bus enterprise can be embodied.

. Therefore, even if the future subsidies are completely canceled, there is no need to worry, and the car enterprise will transfer most of the energy to the new energy vehicle sector, the advancement of technology and large-scale mass production will eventually pull low energy vehicles such as pure electric vehicles. Sell.

The full media reporter noticed that the positive effect brought about after the subsidy new policy is very significant.. Those electric vehicles on the market have been eliminated.

Although most of the domestic autonomous brand new energy vehicles still have problems in the quality of the new energy, the workmanship, the body parts, but the improvement is improved , The improvement of quality, these are visible progress. Investigation: Why is pure electric car so expensive? What is the price of the mainstream pure electric car in the current electric car? Why is it so expensive? Taking a self-owned brand electric vehicle as an example, the lowest official price of its fuel version model is only about 70,000 yuan, but the minimum official price of electric version is 210,000 yuan, deducting the national and local subsidies, its market terminal selling price The lowest is around 130,000 yuan. The full media reporter pays attention to the difference between the same model electric version and the fuel version of 50,000 to 80,000 yuan, important in the power system.

The core of the pure electric car is battery, motor, electric control.. Luo Chengcai, deputy head of Beiqi New Energy Project, said that electric car costs are affected by power distribution.

It is reported that the current power lithium battery’s battery 1kWh is about 1500 yuan, and the current market hot pure electric car battery capacity is between 40 and 60 degrees. It is necessary to only 60,000 to 90,000 yuan..

In addition, in addition to production costs, pure electric car costs, there is a huge research and development cost, because the current sales is not high, there is a high development cost of each quantity pure electric vehicle sharing.. When the electric vehicle sales increase, the battery cost has fallen, then the special price of the pure electric car can be reduced? The answer is affirmative.

How difficult is to reduce battery cost? The whole media reporter has noted that the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology is proposed in the “Mother and Long-term Development Plan” of the Automobile Industry. “. “And” 2018 my country Automobile Industry Development Report “is more optimistic, the cost of power lithium battery is expected to reach 1 yuan / WH at the end of 2018, and by 2025, the battery cost is 0.

55 yuan / WH.. This is almost two-thirds compared with the current battery cost.

. Industry experts believe that this data means that after stripping subsidies, electric vehicles can compete with traditional fuel vehicles after three or five..

The reporter reviews the Data of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, with the scale of technology and battery production, from 2010 to 2017, my country’s powered lithium battery costs decreased by 79%. Deputy Professor, Machinery and Vehicle College, Beijing University of Technology, Sun Liqing, an electric vehicle professional committee of my country Electrical Technology Society, believes that five-year subsequent airlines at 600 ~ 800km electric vehicles, battery costs will account for 20% to 30% of the whole vehicle, plus scale The cost of research and development is lowered, so the purchase price of electric vehicles is cheaper than fuel cars..

Prediction: How much can the cost of electric vehicles in the future? In the next five years, pure electric cars sell less than fuel vehicles, not the heavens. Sun Liqing and other experts believe that the new energy vehicle mainly-based new energy vehicle dominated by pure electric vehicles will experience two costs in the next five years: in 2018 ~ 2019, because of the competition, the overcapacity, the life is subsidized in 300KM The price will might take to 10,000 yuan and below; the second phase is 2020 to 2021, the new energy car subsidy exits, and the new energy vehicle forms a scale effect, and the endless mileage is subsidized after 300km A-class bike subsidies. The price will be possible to detect about 80,000 yuan.

The National Automobile Flow Association experts said that according to its own development drivers and policy orientation, 2025 years later, electric car costs will be flat and the cost of fuel cars is flat, and even the price will not be higher than the fuel car.. CATL’s battery expert believes that the current battery technology is in the period of key technical breakthrough, and around 2020 is expected to develop non-aging-ray battery with endless range of 800 ~ 1000 kilometers.

At that time, pure electric vehicles are expected to be fully popular.. However, some experts have cautious ideas, think that at least 2025, some electric cars will be cheap cheaper than the same level of fuel cars.

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