Battery core technology is related to our new energy vehicle industry in my country

Battery core technology is related to our new energy vehicle industry in my country

New energy vehicles are one of my country’s strategic emerging industries, accounting for important positions in “my country Manufacturing 2025”. Traditional fuel car core technology hollow has always been the pain of my own auto industry, but currently, new energy car core technology hollow hidden worries have followed. Battery is a new energy car core technology “gathering”.

Recently, the author heard that several major automobile companies were in contact with South Korea Samsung SDI, LG Chemistry and Japan Panasonic and other batteries, negotiating things to form a joint venture company.. Will I establish a joint venture company to make my country’s battery core technology hollow? This possibility does exist.

Perhaps someone thinks this is a dramatic, but the recent announcement reveals the Ni. Not long ago, Shuguang Shares announced the announcement, saying that the company decided to invest 35 million yuan and Dongwei Rui Chi, Samsung SDI set joint venture company, production and sales of new energy vehicle power lithium battery packs and chargers. As can be seen from the notice, the joint venture company does not involve the core technology of battery development, production.

. In the author, it is more like a Samsung SDI supply battery, and Dongwei Rui Chi supply BMS technology, selling battery packs to Liaoning Shuguang Automobile Group..

Automobile company forms a joint venture company that is not very good, but if you don’t master battery core technology, my country’s new energy car or repeat the contrast of traditional auto joint venture companies. At present, there are many new energy vehicles in multinational car companies to use Japanese and Korean batteries, such as Panasonic TSLA supplies, Samsung SDI is supplied by Audi, LG chemistry is Mercedes supplies. But in fact, domestic excellent battery company’s product quality level does not lose Japanese and South Korea batteries, such as BMW X1 electric car battery from CATL, the Bank of the London, the Bank of the London, all by microaving power supply.

In order to occupy the market, South Korea battery companies attract domestic auto companies procurement with low prices.. Some company people revealed to the author that if the company’s products do not use the low-cost Korean battery, the products will be adopted, and the products will have a disadvantage.

. It can be seen from the financial statements of Samsung SDI. In the past few years, Samsung SDI’s power lithium battery service has been in a loss.

As the power lithium battery business has risen, the loss has not been reduced, but also further improves, this does not meet the economic law.. Some insiders tell the author, Samsung SDI is backed by Samsung’s consortium, so it is not afraid of the year loss; and domestic battery companies are relatively weak, and they can not lose their loss.

This kind of financial resources have determined that domestic battery companies are in a disadvantage in market competition.. At present, domestic automobile companies use Japanese and Korean brand batteries.

. According to the author, several major auto groups and Japanese and Korean batteries negotiate a joint venture company, model and dawn shares, basically do not involve cell research and development, production and other core technologies..

This trend spreads, it will bring two consequences, one is that domestic automobile companies form an inert, lack actively mastering the power and desire of battery core technology; Second, the market space of domestic battery companies. From the market competition, domestic automobile companies use Japanese and Korean batteries from the perspective of their own interests; from the perspective of automotive industry development, domestic automobile companies will use Japanese and Korean batteries will lead to my country’s new energy car core technology hollow. Maybe some people will say, Mercedes, BMW, the public is using other batteries, do not worry that there is no mastering technology, why should we.

But in fact, it’s not. Not long ago, Volkswagen held a global battery bidding, and my country’s excellent battery companies also bid. Afterwards, a battery company has always told the author that the public car holds the tender for the production of batteries.

Because the global battery companies must submit large quantities and technical parameters, the mass car can be evaluated by these information, thus determining Own technology route. Sure enough, the news of the Volkswagen will establish a battery production plant..

TSLA has previously rely on the battery produced by Japan, and now it is now built its own battery development, production plant, which fully explains the competitiveness and importance of multinational companies to understand the core technology.. my country vigorously develops new energy vehicles, has achieved remarkable results in production and sales, but in the core technology, there is no satisfactory results yet.

. In order to promote the development of my country’s power lithium battery core technology, the author wants to ask two suggestions. First, play the regulatory use of the power lithium battery “White List”.

Although the “Conditional Conditions of Automobile Power Battery Industry” is not a mandatory standard, it should be an important reference basis. It can block inferior batteries in the door, which is beneficial to regulate my country’s powertrain battery market..

Through the control of “White List”, it is easy to exclude interference from local protection, and it is also possible to prevent the company from considering problems from its own perspective, thus promoting my country’s powertrain core technology development.. Second, play the use of the national power lithium battery innovation platform.

Domestic auto company strength is generally weak, it is impossible to develop batteries like Toyota and Volkswagen, so cooperation research and development is an effective way. The author believes that the support policy of the automotive company should refer to its contribution to the innovation platform..

Innovative platform, if it can achieve major technical breakthroughs, my country’s battery core technology will not have hollow. Battery core technology is related to whether my country’s new energy automotive industry can catch up with the auto power, so it must be prepared, prevent technology hollow. .

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