Battery Company ‘Three Kingdoms Kill’ Pattern or Brand Three-Battery will become a future layout

Battery Company 'Three Kingdoms Kill' Pattern or Brand Three-Battery will become a future layout

In the morning of 28, the market came out, the domestic TSLA suspected battery supplier for long-term cooperation with TSLA – Panasonic Battery. Since then, the relevant person in charge of TSLA said that this is not the official news of TSLA, which is not accurate..

Although it is an oolong, it is involved in the 3 suppliers of TSLA – Catl, Panasonic Battery and LG Chemical, which is precisely a representative company in China and South Korea.. Since this year, the three companies have tended to be hot, and the order quantity competition tends to be hot, and the power lithium battery “Three Kingdoms” pattern continues to stage.

. However, experts from the battery company and industry give new judgment: considering the evolution of the battery technology development route, the maintenance of the downstream customer relationship, the future “Three Kingdoms” is likely to evolve into CATL and LG chemistry two male Hegemony. Battery company “Three Kingdoms” pattern or the data of Snesearch statistics show that 5 months before this year, LG chemical sales volume increased by 70%.

The market share has increased from 10.8% in 2019 to 24.2%, and it is superior to CATL that has been in the first three years of the list.

. According to the public information, this year, LG Chemistry has obtained loans from European Investment Bank of about 480 million euros (about RMB 375 million), which will be put into LG chemical power lithium battery factory in Poland..

LG chemistry has formed a battery production base in South Korea, the United States, my country and Poland, and basically complete the global layout.. According to LG chemical planning, the total output of four major production bases in 2020 will be expanded to 110GWH.

LG chemistry further revealed the media that the company has bounced on orders worth 150 trillion won (about $ 125 billion), will keep busy in the next five years.. Some comments believe that LG chemistry about CATL challenges will tend to normalize.

About CATL. High-grade capital is ranked among the top ten shareholders of CATL in the top ten shareholders of CATL..

Honda uses CATL’s shares to ensure the deep cooperation of CATL by strategic investment mode. For cooperation intentions (fixed-point letters), CATL’s publicly recognized partners seem to have only TSLA and Honda. Other channels have passed from time to time, such as Nissan’s first pure electric cross-border car Ariya will be equipped with CATL three-dimensional battery, modern car or CATL to achieve global power lithium battery cooperation intention.

In the face of powerful opponents, the situation in the Panasonic is slightly awkward.. At the beginning of this year, TSLA high-profile official Xuan LG chemistry and CATL became a battery provider, marking the status of the exclusive battery supplier with the company’s cooperation for many years.

. TSLA has said that the lack of production of MoDel3 is limited to the production of Model3. Panasonic Chief Financial Officer said earlier this year, Panasonic saw that TSLA demand is very strong, more than 35GWH production per year, is discussing the production of the factory.

Tsla signed a 2020 pricing agreement on June 10th and Panasonic, which involves Panasonic in the Nevada Super Factory Production and Supply Power Lithium Battery. The new agreement stipulates the specific provisions of the two parties on pricing, planning investment and new technologies, and the production of Panasonic is specified, and the number of purchases of TSLA in the first two years before the agreement..

According to disclosure, Panasonic battery is currently supplying 21700 and 18650 cylindrical batteries for TSLA. LG Chemistry and CATL have more powerful domestic dynamic lithium battery industry experts to accept Shanghai Securities News reporter report that with the requirements of electric vehicles on energy density, the number of bicycles is getting higher and higher, history is long Cylindrical batteries are more complicated on structural and battery management systems, and today’s market share is being swallowed by square and soft bag lithium batteries, and the situation facing the Panasonic battery is getting clother..

Multi-interviewed batteries and battery industry chain researchers believe that in accordance with the latest orders, financing situations, technology routes, CATL and LG chemical competitive advantages are relatively larger. However, from the battery form, the cylindrical battery will still have a large market in the field of bicycle and micro electric vehicle..

He Zhuhui, the new industry researcher, Shen Zhanhui, believes that TSLA takes lithium iron phosphate and high nickel-three yuan in parallel route, CATL is to open the lithium iron phosphate route, effectively reduce battery costs. Tsla’s synchronization growth in the second half of the year will continue to expand, and it is expected that the sales volume is 500,000, and the global market share is close to 20%..

Power lithium battery demand is strong, pull up the upstream power lithium battery industry chain performance resonance. Market concentration improved head company to develop new machines my country’s Chemistry and Physical Power Industry Association Secretary Liu Yanlong previously said in an interview with Shanghai Securities News report, with the new energy car subsidies, power lithium battery industry shuffling acceleration, market concentration The degree is constantly improving. But the “New Energy Automobile Industry Development Plan (2021-2035)” (2021-2035) “(Draft) announced last year, in 2025, the sales volume of new energy vehicles to reach 25%, and the sales volume of the smart network car new car To reach 30%.

This has injected new kinetic energy to the industry development.. The person in charge of a large domestic dynamic lithium battery company told reporters that the sales of new energy vehicles currently accounts for less than 5%, and the penetration rate will increase significantly to 25% in the next less than 5 years, meaning that the annual complex of the battery industry has increased.

The rate will exceed 40%. The future market is very large, in accordance with the investment cycle of the power lithium battery industry, it is expected that the industry will usher in “big outbreak year” in the investment cycle of the power lithium battery industry..

Whether in technology routes or business models, battery companies may usher in new opportunities. Recently, Xin Guobin, deputy director of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, said that the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology will continue to vigorously promote the construction of the recovery infrastructure, and encourage the company to develop a power-saving model model according to the applicable scene, support Beijing, Hainan and other places to promote the promotion of pilot promotion, and promote the high-quality development of the new energy automobile industry. This is also a positive signal for the battery industry.

. The military salesman said that the reporter said that the policy and subsidy tilt encourage the power-saving mode, and the investment in the car company will increase the investment in the power transmission mode..

The upstream battery company is even more, and the electricity separation will gain a new business model, and the battery manufacturer is an important opportunity.. In terms of technical route selection, two domestic battery companies have said reporters that after technology innovation, lithium iron phosphate has a high cost performance in the market.

. In the long run, the current ceiling of the three-yuan battery technology is far from touch, and the three yuan technology route is also the international mainstream approval direction..

In the next 5 to 10 years, the research and development of leading companies at home and abroad is expected to continue to be placed on the ternary battery.. The hydrogen fuel power battery, solid state battery and other technical routes are difficult to achieve industrialization in a short time.

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