Battery company partial ‘collapse’ This is neither starting to end

Battery company partial 'collapse' This is neither starting to end

Recently, Beijing National Energy Battery Technology Co., Ltd. (“National Energy Battery”) issued a notice, its announcement content defaults to employee salary, saying that there is still 1.

2 billion yuan for collection and receipt, and expressed expectations before August 31 this year. Guided all. As an important production of lithium iron phosphate ion batteries, a battery company in the field of primary and commercial vehicle, the national battery new energy vehicle power lithium battery installed volume is ranked 8th place in 2018.

It is such a strong company in 2018, but suddenly collapsed this year.. In fact, this situation does not only happen on a national energy battery.

. In November last year, my country’s largest secondary battery production base Henan Huanyu power supply application bankruptcy. At the beginning of April, the lithium battery giant Watma was deeply trapped, which is on the verge of bankruptcy.

. Recently, its parent company Rare Wo can help Watma resume production, prevent the crisis process of the process of production, and joint venture with Jiangsu Hua control, self-rescue. In addition, in the past two years, there are also Shandong Qixing New Energy, Dongguan Gumen, Linyi Yanyang New Energy, Zhejiang Green Sea New Energy and Wuxi Fengyi Technology, etc.

. According to relevant statistics in the industry, there is only 81 lithium battery companies in 2014. In 2016, it has surged to 155, and the end of 2018 will drop to 99.

. In the first half of 2019, the latest data on my country’s Chemistry and Physical Power Industry Association Association showed that the number of power lithium battery companies supported by new energy vehicles was less than 70..

What factors have spawned a large shuffle in the battery industry? Policy austerity may be one of the many reasons why many companies bankruptcy. In order to support the development of new energy vehicles, the country issued a large amount of funds and preferential policies to subsidize new energy mutual car companies, so many companies have gone in the new energy automotive industry, blindly seize the market..

After many car companies have been exposed in 2016, the government’s effective implementation and utilization of funds and policies, and the new energy car subsidies are adjusted by pre-dynamic, only 20,000 kilometers of car accumulated driving mileage can apply for subsidies, so In order to lead to a cycle extended by car subsidies, new energy vehicles and powered lithium batteries and other industrial chain companies have added new. To a large extent, the national energy battery is because the car subsidy cycle is extended, and the billion yard collection has not been retracted..

Henan Huanyu power is also due to the shortage of failure to pay the debt. In the new energy car subsidy policy of this year, in order to welcome the thorough exit of New Energy Car subsidies in 2020, the subsidy is more stringent than the decrease of last year, the energy density and energy consumption indicators of the power lithium battery are also more stringent..

In this influence, the requirements of the battery manufacturer have become higher and higher, especially the country now push high-density high-energy batteries, and low-energy density batteries are no longer eating in the current market, the front national energy battery and Watma It is a representative company of lithium iron phosphate ion battery, which is relatively low in energy density of lithium iron phosphate ion batteries than ternary batteries.. Lithium iron phosphate and three-dimensional lithium ion batteries continue to improve in technology and production.

The lithium phosphate ion battery has a low density and compact density, so the energy density of the battery is low, although the battery is low, but the material preparation cost and battery manufacturing cost are high, and the utilization rate is low, lack of profit points.. With the exit of new energy car subsidies, car prices will increase on this basis, so that automobile companies will need to lower prices in terms of battery, and many battery manufacturers will switch to phosphate ion batteries from ternary lithium.

Compared with ternary lithium electricity, lithium iron phosphate has advantages in safety, service life and production costs.. “The pressure of the vehicle factory to the midstream, superimposed on the price of the raw materials, the equipment company, the battery plant does not settle the settlement, resulting in a lot of funding gaps to the power lithium battery company, and it is expected that next year will become a turning point of the power lithium battery company.

. “The Chairman of Tianjin Qiqi Qin Xingcai mentioned. Now many companies continue to break through the material technology improvement of lithium iron phosphate and process technology improvement.

. Guoxuan High-tech has said that in terms of lithium iron phosphate ion batteries, the product upgrade of the lithium iron phosphate monomer energy density 190Wh / kg has been completed, and the energy density of the passenger vehicle system exceeds 140Wh / kg, and can meet the new energy vehicle 400 The endless miles above kilometers, in addition, plans to increase the energy density of lithium iron phosphate monomer cells in 2019 to nearly 200Wh / kg. The structure of the structure of the entire battery industry still does not find a good solution.

. At present, most of the small small and medium-sized battery companies are restricted by various reasons, and there is no major investment in technology research and development. They are still producing low-end production, but with the rapid development of new energy vehicles and the subsidy policy that is about to exit.

Motors will be more inclined with quality battery companies. It is worth noting that the concentration of the industry is rising fast. CATL is the company’s supply of battery companies in China, and the whole vehicle group, such as SAIC, Geely, Chang’an, and Guangqi, etc.

, the new power of the car, Weima, Xiaopeng, also abroad, BMW, Daimler, Modern, Volvo, Toyota has established cooperative relations. BYD has also started working with other manufacturers as a closed-loop car company..

In the first half of 2019, my country’s battery head decunion machine was 30.03GWH..

CATL has taken a list of 13.85GWH, accounting for 46.15% of the market share, BYD and Guoxuan’s high-tech are ranked 7.

36GWH and 1.76GWH ranks second third..

At the same time, the concentration of the industry is also rapidly rising, the top three companies in the production of the power lithium battery industry have produced 30.2GWH, accounting for 69.5%; the top five companies have a total of 33.

8GWH, It accounts for 77.9%; the top ten companies have a total of 39.0GWH, accounting for 89.

7%.. However, only 63 suppliers of the industry.

LG, Samsung, SK, etc. have strong competitive foreign companies to bring a new round of market competition impact waves. Before the “White List” without enjoying the subsidy to exit the overseas company in our market, it will also enter the market in my country under the cancellation of “White List”, which will also bring a wave of impact to domestic battery companies.

. Wang Bing, director of the National Electric Passenger Curve Technology Innovation Alliance Technology Committee, said in an interview that compared with Japan and South Korea’s power lithium battery giants, the best companies ranked in the top of my country’s powered lithium battery industry have been technically in the same grade..

However, compared with Japan and South Korea, there are also gaps outside the domestic power lithium battery echelon.. “Whether my country’s dynamic lithium battery industry will present a oligarchy, but because the power lithium battery industry attaches importance to R & D capabilities, small company R & D capabilities can’t keep up, and the power lithium battery is consistent and stability requirements.

The small company has no advantage in cost, will gradually be abandoned by the market in the competition.. “With the re-return market, the speed of the battery company’s survival of the battery is also further accelerating, facing the non-subsidized market, battery companies only reduce costs through various means.

As a core component of the new energy vehicle, the general manager of GAC New Energy Automotive Gu Hui Nan has issued a view “New energy car is a general trend, the battery is a core module that is more robbing. If you don’t consider the battery layout now, you can’t supply or don’t work, and the car enterprises will be very passive..

“Who will be the next out of the country? We look back to the battery companies that have been eliminated or have a crisis, basically all the expansion markets, and do not focus on battery technology, and ultimately go to the double pressure of the market and policies. collapse. In addition, the cancellation of the “White List” is actually broken the threshold of domestic power lithium battery restrictions, so that the domestic and foreign companies will enter the same market competition environment, and the technical advantages of foreign battery companies will further show that they will bring huge to local battery companies.

Stress and challenge. Companies CATL and BYD in the head are technically and foreign battery giants in the same echelon, but the remaining small and small companies have a certain gap compared with it..

Nowadays, CATL, BYD, Guoxuan’s high science, etc.. In July this year, Chairman CATL said that in addition to in the car, CATL is still installed on electric ships and the aircraft.

. Future, power lithium battery technology breaks through the user’s pain points, CATL supplies will have three major characteristics of long life, super fast charge and low temperature speed, of which super fast charge is particularly worth mentioning, 15 minutes can be filled in 15 minutes. 80% power, charging 5 minutes, can be limited to 150 km.

At present, the BYD power lithium battery plant is spread in five areas, including: Changsha Ningxiang, Chongqing, Daishan Factory, Shenzhen Baolong Factory, Shenzhen Baolong Factory, Huizhou Qikai Factory (Yield Total 16GW ¡¤ H), Qinghai Xining Factory (Method Yield 24GW H) and Xi’an’s battery factory, in which Xi’an Factory is planning, according to the predicted yield method, to 2020 lithium battery production will arrive at 60GW ¡¤ h. In addition to CATL, BYD’s two absolute head leaders, the development of Guoxuan’s high-tech is the same, the relevant information, the end of 2019, the yield of Guoxuan high-tech or will reach 21GWH, where the cylindrical iron is expected to increase 6GWH production, square Iron lithium is expected to increase 10GWH, three yuan expects 5GWH production; the end of 2020 will reach 30GWH production, reaching 50GWH in 2022. In the future, the battery market will have more demanding standards, energy and security of its products, and the company is not up to standard.

The company will be eliminated. The last company will also be a company with advantage in technology and research and developmen.

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