Battery company into ‘crossing mouse’ company calls for the introduction of lithium electric safety standards as soon as possible

Battery company into 'crossing mouse' company calls for the introduction of lithium electric safety standards as soon as possible

On August 19th, Longgang Putian Yayuan Industrial Park was fired by the button battery, before this, the two battery companies in July Longhua New District have taken a fire, followed by a large-scale security in Longhua Street Office. Production and remediation action, 43 copies, 60 battery processing small workshops, 103 total. Some of the company questioned Longhua New District “a knife cut” to force all battery companies to move out of the original area, and Longhua Office, Longhua New District, said that it is based on the guidance of industry safety management work developed by Longhua New District Safety Supervision Bureau, and under the participation of experts Relevant company.

Shenzhen as a global lithium-ion battery and mobile power products important production base and the largest export base, but lack of operational safety production rules. In this regard, the company’s representatives and experts appeal to the safety production standards of Shenzhen unified, practical lithium-ion battery industry as soon as possible..

Battery companies become “crossing the mouse”? On July 10, Longhua Meisai Electronics Factory produced a lithium-ion battery cell took a fire, and the fuel is a lithium-ion battery semi-finished product in the 4th floor, and the factory warehouse has fired in March this year.. On July 27, a lithium-ion battery warehouse in a 3rd floor of Longhua Zhongtai Science and Technology Park took a fire, and some companies in the 4th floor and 5th floor were immediately investigated and combustion.

. The fire makes the residents of Longhua Office in the jurisdiction of the Dragon China are worried about living security issues..

Zhong Quan Sheng, director of the Longhua Office Safety Supervision Office, said that the company’s personnel’s safety awareness is weak, the production workshop is not standardized, the warehouse environment is simple, no venting constant temperature facilities, the fire protection equipment is not equipped, the latent safety hazard, in addition, high temperature weather is also a big reason The surrounding residents have a big view, requiring the government to order battery companies to move away from residential district. After the fire, the 16th National Collection of Safety Production held on July 27, Longhua Street, 43 of the battery companies, 60 battery processing small workshops, and 103 total. Shenzhen Mobile Communications Federation, Shenzhen Mobile Power Industry Alliance Executive President Don Ruijin introduced reporters that Shenzhen is an important production base for lithium-ion batteries and mobile power products, as a lithium-ion battery, In 2015, the mobile power supply domestic and foreign shipments were nearly 1 billion.

The sales exceeded 30 billion yuan; my country’s mobile power vendors at present, 90% of mobile power supplies were concentrated in Shenzhen production, and more than 4,000 industrial chains.. In addition, 2015 mobile phone shipments reached 1.

58 billion, Shenzhen mobile phone shipments reached 780 million, accounting for 50% of the world’s total freighter.. In this rectification action, Shenzhen Europe Technology Co.

, Ltd. is a national high-tech company integrating production, research and development and sales. The company will be based in the village South Industrial Zone in 2009, rented two floors.

Factory is doing office. Mr. Peng, the company’s person in charge, said that the European can standard operation, there are currently more than 100 employees, not requested to be rectified in advance before 29, now have not resumed production, and the company is also ready to move, “due to Longhua’s remediation action has a large influence, the battery industry has become ‘crossing the mouse everyone shouting’, and now there is no rental to the factory.

“. Longhua Street Office, Longhua New District, said that the office is full coverage, zero-tolerance investigation and rectification hidden danger, and companies that meet the safety production conditions are still in normal production, but the persuasion part does not meet the safety production conditions, there is a serious risk hidden danger and unsuccessful companies and Processing workshop moves, important to the workshop and lithium-ion battery production, processing, storage, and persuasion to hide in rental houses, not “a knife cut”. Safety guidelines are not in the development of the industry last week, and there are seven people who have spontaneously organized a symposium by the company.

On the one hand, discuss the impact and loss of law enforcement to the company, on the one hand, on the one hand, on the one hand, appeals to the government to introduce a practical battery industry normative Guide to guide the company to do safety work, on-site company is willing to cooperate with completion of rectification. Wang Lijuan, the standardization research engineer of Shenzhen Standard Technology Research Institute, said that there is no standard for the entire product of mobile power, only Shenzhen, in July, announced the first mobile power social group standard in Shenzhen..

Tang Ruijin also suggested that Shenzhen should introduce a subdivision production safety standard for lithium-ion battery plants as local standards. He also emphasized that the government must understand the company’s situation in the development of safety production..

It is understood that the competent department of Safety Supervision in Longhua New District has introduced experts from July 26, “Longhua New District Lithium Ion Electronics Safety Management Work Guidelines (Trial)”, building buildings, hazardous chemicals produced by lithium-ion battery companies Storage, waste treatment, warehouse, process, mechanical safety, electricity safety, operation and labor protection, fire escape, emergency management, etc.. Longhua Street Office said that there is currently no safety production supervision regulations and relevant standards in the battery industry.

They are implemented in accordance with the industrial safety management work of the Longhua New District Safety Supervision, and related to the participation of experts Company. However, some companies do not think that the guidelines can solve the company’s safety production problem..

Mr. Peng said that the company has seen the safety production guidance of lithium-ion batteries in Longhua New District, guidelines for the production of lithium-ion battery, and the European plant is only in the back of the battery. , Shipping, guidance.

He also mentioned that there is currently only the safety standards of the finished battery in China, and there is no unified standard for the safety production of lithium-ion batteries. “The company has internal workshop environmental control, warehouse temperature, dangerous goods, personnel supervision. Management standards, and there is no one in front of the fire “.

Mr. Chen, the head of Shenzhen Shentong Tianxia Technology Co., Ltd.

, said that the guidelines seen are too broad, and there is no considering the company’s actual situation. “The same standard should be considered to be implemented, and the battery industry , The soft bag polymer is different, the development speed of the battery industry exceeds the standard specification of the guidance, the standard is not enough to implement “. In addition, Mr.

Chen said that because there is no safety production standard in China, it is in a state of disorder. There is no unified standard for how the battery is transported, stored and handling, causing frequent accidents, and he calls for this. Detailed legal production standards to make companies control self-test to supervise and manage.


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