Battery Army Competition! Electric car era is coming in advance

Battery Army Competition! Electric car era is coming in advance

The speed of battery price is faster than expected. Analysts are adjusting when electric vehicles do not want government awards to predict more than gasoline models. Manufacturing more efficient batteries is the key to reducing electric vehicle prices.

In the German Karlsruheinstitute Technology (Karlsruheinstitute, a prototype is being developed, customized battery parts can be developed. FRANKFURT – an electric mass ID.3, price and golf.

A TSLAMODEL3, the price and BMW 3 Series. A Renault Zoe electric ultra-small car, its monthly rental fee may be equivalent to eating a sumptuous dinner in Paris. When Europe’s car sales crashed due to epidemic, there is a class of cars to rise rapidly: electric car.

One of the reasons is that in Europe, its purchase price is attracted to the price of gasoline or diesel engine.. At present, this near-par price price is only possible to achieve in the case of government subsidies.

Different countries have different countries, and the general government subsidies can be reduced from at least 10,000 US dollars in the final price.. Car manufacturers are supplying an electric car discount to meet the more stringent carbon dioxide emissions regulations in EU.

In Germany, an electric Renault Zoe can rent a price of 139 euros or $ 164 per month.. Electric cars are not so popular in the United States, it is important because the government’s incentive measures are not so generous.

. In the United States, battery power vehicles account for about 2% of new cars, while in Europe, market share is close to 5%. According to Berlin’s independent analyst Matthiasschmidt, including hybrid vehicles, European share rises to nearly 9%.

As electric vehicles become mainstream, the automotive industry is quickly close to the critical point, even if there is no subsidy, there is a plug-in car will also be the same as the car burning fossil fuel, may even be cheaper.. Car manufacturers who have realized prices price may dominate in this area.

California TSLA Design Center charger. Nearly 200,000 chargers in the EU. US only less than half.

A few years ago, industry experts are expected to be a turning point in 2025.. However, the development speed of technology is faster than expected, and it may be ushered in a magnitude leap.

. Elon Mask is expected to announce a breakthrough on the “Battery Day” event in TSLA (Tueshe Top 20, 20020), so that electric vehicles have significant new weight in the absence of new weight. increase.

The dynamic balance of the automotive industry may depend on which car manufacturer, electrical company or startup successfully presses the maximum power in each pound battery, that is, the so-called energy density. High energy density battery itself is cheaper because it requires less raw materials and lighter weights to supply the same endurance mileage..

Milanthakore, a senior research analyst for Energy Consulting Company Woodmackenzie, said: “We see that the rise in energy density is faster than ever.. “The company has recently held its forecast for critical points in advance, until 2024.

Some industry experts are more optimistic. my country Electric Vehicle Manufacturer NIO, which has a global ambition, said Zhang Hui, General Manager of Germany, said he believes that it can achieve parity in 2023..

Closely pay close attention to the industry’s associate professor Venkatviswanathan, Venkatviswanathan, more cautious. But he said: “We have already accelerated timeline..

If you ask anyone in 2010, we will realize the price parity in 2025, they will say that this is impossible.. “This transition may differ from different market segments.

. High-end electric cars are very close to parity. Tslamodel3 and gasoline power BMW 3 Series is around 41,000 US dollars in the US.

TSLA may even be cheaper than BMW, because it never replaces oil or new spark plug, and the electricity charge per mile is cheaper than gasoline.. Which of the customer chooses more than a preference problem, especially if the owner is willing to use the convenience of the gas station to exchange the charging point for more time.

(On the other hand, the owner can charge TSLA at home). Consumers tend to pay attention to the price of the alpiplings, there is no subsidy electric car to do the same as the economic model to drive from the dealer from the dealer, still have a long time..

1 The holy cup of the motor vehicle industry to build a better battery has been pushing the cost of battery pack – storage energy to 100 US dollars per kilowatt, which is a standard standard for measuring battery power.. At this point, the cost of pushing the vehicle will be cheaper with gasoline.

. At present, the cost of the battery pack is approximately 150 to 200 dollars per kWh, depending on the technology..

This means that the cost of a battery pack is about 20,000 US dollars.. However, according to the data of the US Department of Energy, since 2008, the price has dropped 80%.

. All electric vehicles use lithium-ion batteries, but this basic chemical composition has a lot of changes, intense competition is to find a combination of materials with maximum power storage by minimal storage..

About traditional car companies, this is very terrible. The internal combustion engine has not changed fundamental changes in decades, but battery technology is still available. Even the impact of geopolitical.

my country is investing resources to battery research, regarding electricity transformation as NIO and other companies to enter the European market and have a chance to enter the US market.. In less than ten years, my country’s battery manufacturer CATL has become one of the world’s largest manufacturers.

. Karlsruhe Institute prototype battery production equipment. Huge investment leads to the huge progress of energy density – the power of each pound battery can supply, an expert said.

The felix2 of the lead is trying to catch up with TSLA, the California company has been selling electric vehicles since 2008, and can use many years of data to calculate it safely to push how far the performance of the battery, without causing overheating Overweight. These knowledge make TSLA to supply better life than competitors, because competitors must be more careful. According to the data of the Kelly Blue Book, the four models of TSLA are the only electric cars widely launched.

After charging, you can drive more than 300 miles.. On Tuesday, according to the analyst of the Swiss bank UBS, Master Mask may introduce a technology to add 50% of the storage amount per pound of storage.

. In this way, competitors may be farther in the rear view mirror..

Petercarlsson said: “Traditional automotive industry is still behind. “PeterCarlsson is the head of the early supplier network of TSLA, now is the CEO of Northvolt, this new Swedish company is producing batteries for mass and BMW. “However,” Mr.

Carlsson said, “There are a lot of resources into the competition defeated TSLA.. Not all car manufacturers, some big cycling manufacturers chased up.

“聽聽blelts felixodell. PETERCARLSSON, NORTHVOLT CEO Traditional car manufacturers prevent the forgotten maximum hope to use their specialty for supply chain and large-scale production, producing millions of economy-based electric vehicles. A key test for traditional car manufacturers’ survival capacity will be the new battery-driven id.

3, which is a new battery drive, will be less than 30,000 euros after subsidies, that is, $ 35,000, currently arrived in the European Dealer.. By using its global manufacturing and sales network, Volkswagen hopes to sell millions of electric vehicles in a few years.

. It plans to sell electric sports multi-purpose car ID.4 next year.

(ID is an abbreviation of “intelligent design”). But this has a steep learning curve. “From Henry – Ford, we have been mass-produced in large-scale internal combustion engines.

With regard to battery cars, we don’t have this condition.. This is a very new technology.

. “The problem will be how can we spend this learning curve with how fast?” 3 This is not just the battery problem. Peter Ravinger (PeterRawlinson), who was headed by Tslamodels, is now the CEO of electric car startup company Lucid.

He likes to drag a scroll with the company’s ultra-small drive unit appeared in the event, let the audience open your eyes.. Mr.

Rolling Sen said that the electric motor, the gearbox and the differential unit are one, the device saves space, plus other hundreds of weight loss adjustments, will make the company’s Lucidair luxury car launched on September 9th after charging More than 400 miles. His point is that designers should pay attention to problems such as air kinetic resistance and weight to prevent first-first large, expensive batteries..

“There is a kind of myopia,” said Mr. Rawlinson. “Everyone is talking about batteries.

This is the entire system. “Every corner has a charger. Many times when Janahffner purchased an electric Renault Zoe in 2013, driving anywhere outside Stuttgart’s home is an adventure.

. The charging station is very small, and it is not necessarily available..

Ms. Hffner opened her Zoe to Norway or Sicily, and I want to see if she can drive without a trailer..

Ms. Hffner was engaged in online communication in Baden-Württemberg, and she later changed a TSLAMODEL3. The car is equipped with software.

It can guide her to the company’s own charger network, which can be filled with 80% of the battery in half an hour. Electricity. When she recalls how difficult it is in the electric car stone age, it sounds almost nostalgic.

. “Now, this is very boring,” Ms. Hoffa said.

“You said where you want to go, the rest of the things are handled by the car.. “According to a data advocated to TRANSPORTENVIRONMENT, the European Union has nearly 200,000 chargers, far below 3 million required for electric vehicles.

. The United States is still far behind, the number is less than half of Europe. However, European networks have been intensified enough, with electric cars and charging “no problem”, Ms.

Hffner said, she can’t charge at home, to rely on public infrastructure. Prices and infrastructure closely. At least in theory, if there is a place nearby, it can be quickly charged, people don’t have big and expensive batteries.

. Charging time is also rapidly declined). Lucid’s first car is a luxury car, but Rawlinson said that his dream is to create an electric car that can be achieved in a middle class.

. In his opinion, this means a lightweight car can drive 150 miles between two charging..

“I want to make a 25,000-dollar car,” Mr. Rolling Sen said. “This is the reason for changing the world.


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