Baili Technology intends to acquire Korean enterprise shares for lithium-electric material equipment

Baili Technology intends to acquire Korean enterprise shares for lithium-electric material equipment

Baili Technology announced on October 27th, the company said that in October 25, 2018 and South Korea’s Himtechnologiescorp (hereinafter referred to as “Han Tiek”) and its important shareholders Sun Yinggen, Wenmeiji (with a total Harvest 83% of the equity is signed a “equity transfer letter” (hereinafter referred to as “intent”). According to the intent book, Harbeike is planned to be divided into two companies, all relevant assets, personnel, patented technology and sales channels involved in the professional design and manufacture of the existing lithium-ion battery, and the negative material production line equipment. Hereinafter referred to as “target company”).

After discrerering, Sun Yinggen, Wen Mi Ji still holds 83% of the equivalent of the standard company, and the company intends to acquire 60% of the target of Sun Yinggen and Wenmei, who holds Sun Yinggen and Wenmei.. According to the introduction, Hartail is a professional design and manufacturing of a technology-based company, an anode material production line equipment, and the MaterialHandlingsysterm (Material Transportation System), which is independently designed and developed.

. Baili Technology is a scientific and technological engineering company specializing in engineering consulting, design and general contracting business. Important services from petrochemicals, modern coal chemicals, new energy materials industry.

In July 2017, the company and Ningbo Lithium King Technology Investment Co., Ltd. signed an agreement to acquire Nanta Zijin lithium battery, officially entering lithium-electric material intelligent equipment manufacturing, and starting the layout of new energy materials industry.

. The company’s important customers include positive material manufacturers with large outputs such as rising, sauce..

The company held the 19th meeting of the 3rd Board of Directors at October 25, 2018, the meeting reviewed the “proposal for the signing of the intention of the equity transfer”. Baili Technology said that if the acquisition can be carried out, and finally completed the equity acquisition, it will bring a positive impact on the company..

1. Enhance the company’s industry influence. Japan and South Korea’s technical level in the lithium-ion battery industry is at the global leader, Han Tiek has been in the past 20 years, and the beautiful (South Korea), Samsung SDI, LG Chemical, LF, EcoPro, POSCO, COSMO and other well-known lithium-ion battery materials companies.

Cooperation, have accumulated rich industry related experience. If the acquisition is successful, it can effectively improve the influence of the company’s domestic lithium-ion battery industry, international reputation and brand value..

2, the synergy effect is remarkable. The company is currently based on positive material, and Han Tek has a mature advanced ternary precursor production line design, construction technology, which can accelerate the strategic layout of the company in the field of three-yuan precursor; at the same time, it also helps the company through this cooperation Drawing on international advanced companies, improve technology, deep ginseng and high-end production lines, manufacturing business; 3. Integrate two domestic countries, expand business, and distract.

At present, the United States, Europe, Japan, South Korea, etc. have announced the fuel-saving schedule, and important multinational companies have also developed their respective lithium-ion battery industry development planning or goals. It is expected that a round of lithium will appear in the next few years.

Ion battery industry investment construction boom. For example, this acquisition will help the company to explore the international market, add the company’s income channel, broaden the source of profit, and use the advantages of the two markets, and smooth the business risk of single market fluctuations.

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