Ba Lishi Technology: Termination of major assets to propose

Ba Lishi Technology: Termination of major assets to propose

According to the report, based on the judgment of Suzhou Adjustment Battery Co., Ltd. and the company’s strategic development, Ba Litship is on May 16, 2018 and Suzhou Your Strong Battery Co.

, Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “astronium battery”) The controlling shareholder Shanghai Kailong Investment Management Co., Ltd.

signed the “Equity Transfer Intention Book”, with both friendship consultations, forming a preliminary cooperation, the company integrates 20% -30% equity, the entire stake in the company The valuation is 28-3.5 billion yuan, and the two sides will negotiate the specific transaction terms after completing the due diligence, and sign the official equity transfer agreement..

Disclosure, astronium battery is a supplier of three-dimensional lithium battery system solution, focusing on the three-dimensional lithium-ion battery cell, module, battery system R & D, production and sales, safe and reliable supply to customers around the world , Efficient and durable, competitive three-dimensional power lithium battery system solution. The uktoe battery has a core R & D team with a strong research and development and design capacity led by Dr. Mao Huan.

It has high security battery structural design, reducing the chemical design of thermal out-of control strength, and cut off the design of the out-of-control battery. Removing battery link design, battery cell and pole side ultra-thin guided thermal membrane design, distribution technology, etc. Battery, so that the troper batteries have significant technical competitive advantages and manufacturing advantages in the same industry.

Your volume is established in 2014, planned power lithium battery annual production 12GWH. At present, the 2GWH production has been put into production, important supporting Weimi Motor (Weltmeister), Jianghuai Automobile, Kowloon Automobile, Jinlong Bus, Guanha, Luzhou, Hezhong Auto, Southeast Motor, Zhongtai Automobile and other automobile manufacturers. Mitsubishi Technology said that the company acquires part of the stake in the weapon batteries, on the one hand, you can share the future development results of the beever battery; on the other hand, it helps to strengthen the depth integration of the company and the beef battery in the new energy auto industry, further strengthen the company The competitive advantage of the new energy automotive industry, realizes the layout of the company in the automotive industry, and promoting the company’s existing products in the automotive sector, enhances the company’s business scale and industry competition level, enhances the company’s continuous profitability, and promotes the main business.

Health and steady development. .

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