Ba Lishi Technology plans to enter the shares of the stadium

Ba Lishi Technology plans to enter the shares of the stadium

And at the same time, Ba Litship Technology announced that it is intended to receive 20% -30% of Suzhou Adjustment Battery Co., Ltd., and the troper batteries focus on the three-dimensional lithium-ion battery cell, module, battery system, and is currently Wei.

One of the suppliers of the horse car, the overall estimate of the beef battery is 2.8 billion to 3.5 billion yuan.

Tracing historical information, Ba Litship is announced on November 18, last November 18th; on the evening of May 17 this year, Biubi Technology Notice Terminates the major asset restructuring, and applied for on May 18 Reply. According to the announcement, Ba Litship Technology This restructuring the target company Department Jiangsu Sailin Automobile Technology Co., Ltd.

(hereinafter referred to: Jiangsu Sailin) ​​shareholders intend to restructuring some of the assets of Jiangsu Saili and transfer to the target company established for this trading (Jiangsu Thai Automobile Technology Co., Ltd.), Ba Litship Technology plans to acquire all the equity.

Specifically, the assets of Ba Litship Technology to be restructure include the S1 super sports car, the factory building and production equipment of mycar pure electric vehicles, as well as the proprietary technology and pre-investment cost of related models.. Previously, the parties in the transaction preliminarily expect this transaction amount no more than 2 billion yuan.

. Regarding the reasons for termination of this major asset, Ba Litship is pointed out in the notice. Since this restructuring involves overseas asset acquisitions, the overseas assets are distributed in the United States, the legal procedures involved in the acquisition of assets are complex, coupled with recent trade in China Relationship is tight, and there is a big uncertainty in the production of overseas abroad production.

. At the investor explanation, the Ba Litship Technology executives added that this time it is proposed to buy foreign assets involve sensitive technology cannot be judged..

It is worth mentioning that the Mitsubishi Technology also announced that the company’s controlling shareholder Shanghai Kaifeng Investment Management Co., Ltd. (under the astriper battery) on May 16th and Suzhou Adjustment Battery Co.

, Ltd. Investment) Signed the “Equity Transfer Intention”, Ba Lishi Technology plans to receive 20% -30% stake in the troops of Jundong Investment, the overall estimate of the beef battery is 2.8 billion yuan to 3.

5 billion yuan. According to the data, the beever battery is established in 2014, focusing on the three-dimensional power lithium-ion battery cell, module, battery system, planned power lithium battery annual output 12GWH, currently 2GWH production has been put into production, important supporting Weimar, Jianghuai Automobile, Zhongtai Automobile and other car companies. Mitsubishi Technology executives said that Ji Long Investment has become a controlling shareholder of the hutron battery at the end of 2017.

Yang Aihua is the actual controller of Kailong Investment. Yang Aihua is the chairman of Baixin Auto Board, with rich experience in automobile distribution industry. Based on the existing customer and future business development of the tumor battery, it is expected that its future profit will have an explosive rise.

. As for the source of funds in Ba Litship, the Source of the Shareholding Battery, the Biubi Technology executives said that the company’s financial situation is good, the asset rate is low, with strong financing ability; on the other hand, as long as the standard company is good, you can Financing by equivalent. .

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