Automotive production sales volume in winter ‘power lithium battery industry or face-to-shuffling crisis

Automotive production sales volume in winter 'power lithium battery industry or face-to-shuffling crisis

“The development of the whole of my country’s automotive industry is currently facing huge pressure in the development of the car market in recent months.. Where is the pressure? It is the whole car production and sales now entered a severe negative rose cycle.

. “Recently, in related activities, the National Passenger Car Market Information Conference (hereinafter referred to as” Multiplier “) Secretary-General Cui Dongshu. According to the standard statistics of the next year, from 1 to October this year, my country’s narrow passenger car has sold 1.

81 million units, down 2.1% year-on-year..

As of October This year, the passenger car market has continued to increase sales in the fifth month, and the history record was once refreshed.. Under the big potential of the car production and sales, my country’s new energy vehicle overall production and marketing increases rapidly.

From January to October this year, my country’s new energy automotive production and sales completed 879,000 vehicles, respectively, rising 56.9% and 62.3% over the same period of the previous year.

. Some experts said that in such a situation, this year, this year, the new energy car sales millions have been invested..

However, in the industry, the new energy automotive industry in the past, the rapid development of the subsidy policy. Since 2018, with the new energy auto industry, the new energy automotive industry has entered the “post-subsidy era”, double points policy, and the capital winter is also spread to the new energy automobile manufacturing industry, industry chain company faces funds, technology and market Almost unprecedented pressure, including automotive power lithium batteries, etc..

Liang Rui, vice president of Xinwangda Group, reminded that in the interview with reporters, in the prices of upstream raw materials, the downstream requirements price reduction, the power lithium battery company did not have cost competitive advantage, only out , Must practice “internal strength” and promote product technology upgrade to seize high-end market share.. Car consumption enters the negative rise cycle “car is the leading industry of my country’s consumption transformation and upgrading, is the only high-end consumer goods that are not satisfied.

. “Cui Dongshu said that car consumption is currently in extremely severe rising pressure..

According to the introduction, from May this year, car consumption has entered a negative rise cycle.. According to the multiplier, it is expected that in 2018, my country’s annual automobile wholesale sales is approximately 2.

82 million units, down 2% year-on-year; the passenger car sales is about 2.3.5 million, expected to drop 2 ~ 3% year-on-year.

From the single month sales data, the situation is more serious. According to statistics, the domestic narrow passenger car retail 1.95 million in the domestic narrow passenger car is 13.

2% year-on-year, which is less than 20% of the previously predicted decline in the multiplier.. “There is a very serious increase in sales of sales in the car market.

. “Cui Dongshu said. However, at the same time, it is believed that the sales will be “pulled back” in January next year, and the car enterprises are now preparing for the end of the end of this year.

. Compared with the rapid decline in the production and sales volume of the entire automotive industry, the new energy car still maintains a higher rate of increase..

It is understood that the rise speed of the pure electric passenger car is superior, up to 80% year-on-year, the rise speed of electric passenger cars and special vehicles is 40% and -10%, respectively.. “From these data, pure electric passenger cars and passenger cars have maintained a good development situation.

“Cui Dongshu said that these good rise, important core driving factors lies in the main trend of the correct orientation and structural upgrading of my country’s policies. The guidance is to inhibit diesel vehicles and develop new energy vehicles..

Under the driving of the rapid development of new energy vehicles, my country’s power lithium battery production is also ranked first in the world with absolute advantages.. However, in the industry experts, the status of new energy vehicles is supported by 10 years of “high temperature” policy.

. There is data show that from 2009 to 2017, the total number of new energy vehicles and local two-level subsidies have reached 160 billion yuan..

According to the multiplier, the new energy car is expected to reach 1.2 million units this year. It is expected to reach 1.

6 million vehicles next year, and the important rise points are still a passenger seat, pure electric and plugging mix two pieces. Good space, but inserting a mix will have a good development driving force next year..

“If the sales target of this year and next year is achieved as scheduled, the goal of achieving 2 million vehicles in 2020 is relatively easy to implement.. “Cui Dongshu said, so the development of the entire new energy automotive industry is working properly on a benign orbit, and it is full of confidence in the overall development of the industry.

. Power lithium battery industry shuffle acceleration Although new energy car sales remain faster, many industries and experts in participating, including the new energy vehicle, including powered lithium batteries, etc. Shuffle.

Some experts said that with the implementation of subsidies, with the new energy automotive industry, the new energy automotive industry has entered the “post-subsidy era”, double-point policy, and the capital winter is also spread to the new energy automobile manufacturing industry, industry chain company faces funds , Unprecedented pressure in the technology and market, the depth shuffle of the whole industry has been opened. Especially in the capital market, with the spread of “money”, the share price of important listed companies in the industry fell, IPO regulatory policies were strive, and many new three-board lithium battery sprint IPO lost; company high valuation bubble began to rupture, M & A restructuring failed Increased cases; bank lending is fully tightened, financing expansion scale atrophy. Specifically, in the new energy vehicle industry chain, the subsidy and technical threshold increase, the performance of most mainstream car companies in the new energy vehicle field decreased; the output of the battery industry has excess structure, “strip down pressure”, The company generally collects high profits, and the accounts receivable are high, and many company performance growth slows down, and even loss.

“In the context of policy supervision, subsidies, restrooms, foreign-funded rolls, will also accelerate. “A car power lithium battery industry told reporters that the number of movement lithium battery manufacturers in 2020 will sharply reach the consensus of the industry, especially since 2017, the entire powered lithium battery industry has returned to micro profits, and the industry integrates accelerates. At the deputy general manager of Chery New Energy Automobile Technology Co.

, Ltd.. When the industry has developed to a certain extent, the subsidy exit is inevitable.

. The self-improvement and full competition of the industry, and it is inevitable..

In 2017, my country announced in China’s “Mother-long-term development plan”, it is necessary to become “auto power” in 2025, and cultivate a number of 10 companies in the world’s new energy auto industry.. The governments of various localities responded, putting new energy vehicles, battery industry chains as the main field of economic transformation and upgrading, planning strives to reach the main business income to reach 100 billion yuan.

It is understood that the current government gives new energy vehicles support important from financial subsidies, licenses, etc., and new energy vehicles have largely rely on subsidies..

Subsidy and even cancellations, how to make a big stronger new energy battery and energy storage industry? How does the company choose a new market path in the subsidy? “I think as a large-scale manufacturing industry, be sure to squat your own gesture. Whether it is a car factory or a battery factory, you can’t rely on the subsidy..

“Ni Shaoi said, to clearly recognize that in the next year or two, the national subsidies will eventually cancel, and we will finally face the cruel market competition, facing the vote of end users.. If we don’t do it, end users will vote with your feet.

. The Secretary-General of Zhongguancun New Battery Technology Innovation Alliance believes that my country’s production capacity and creativity have never been underestimated. In the 40 years of reform and opening up, my country has already become a veritable manufacturing big country.

. Nowadays, my country is moving from “manufacturing big country” to “manufacturing strong”, “car big country” upgrades to “Auto Strong”, showing the “my country Power” of new energy to the world. This is the best development opportunity for new energy vehicles and battery industry chains.

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