Aoyang Shunchang renamed ‘蔚 锂’ 拟 12 元 元 元 投 元 电 电

Aoyang Shunchang renamed '蔚 锂' 拟 12 元 元 元 投 元 电 电

Following the transfer of Australian Shuochang (002245) in 2019, after the shareholders of Australian Ocean this year, the controlling shareholder Australian Group once again transferred 5% shares, the company’s real-controlled people changed, the main business also turned from the LED chip to a lithium-ion battery. Correled name. On December 13th,.

The company’s ongoing announcement, plans to invest 1 billion AH high security, long life, high-energy density new lithium-ion battery expansion project in Zhangjiagang City, the project is expected to invest 1256 million yuan in Zhangjiagang City. Add annual output of 1 billion AH lithium-ion battery, which is expected to have more than 300 million yuan in the new lithium-ion battery. After the project is completed, the annual output of Tianpeng Power Lithium-ion battery will reach 700 million.

. The first three quarters performance resumes Rising Australia Group was established in July 1998, the Group’s industries involved in wool texture, chemical fiber, metal logistics, medical health, high-end manufacturing, pension real estate, green ecological, cultural creativity, financial investment, e-commerce, etc. Large field.

Before the shareholding changes, the Australian Group has three listed companies, Australian Yang Health (002172), Australian Shunchang and New Three-Board companies such as intention (837083). Aoyang Shunchang is engaged in LED chip business, lithium-ion batteries and metal logistics distribution three business, with more than 10 holding subsidiaries, all over the Yangtze River Delta and Pearl River Delta Suzhou, Shanghai, Huai’an, Yangzhou, Dongguan and other regions..

In 2019, Australian Shunchang achieved revenue of 3519 billion yuan, down 18.1% year-on-year; achieve net profit of 118 million yuan, a year-on-year decline in 47.86%.

The company expressed that it was caused by a huge loss of losses from the LED business. Due to the 2019 LED chip market in a few years, the price of chip continued to decline, the low-end output, the company’s LED business net profit lost 66.7419 million yuan.

In the first three quarters of this year, Australian Shuchang achieved a revenue of 2.797 billion yuan, an increase of 14.87% year-on-year; net profit 17.

6 billion yuan. Increased by 83.28% year-on-year.

The increase in net profit is important because the lithium-ion battery business is excellent, and the lithium-ion battery service has become the company’s largest profit contribution source.. The company has held 100% interest in lithium-ion battery business.

At the same time, the proportion of high-end chip products in the company in the company has greatly improved, and the LED business losses improved season.. The performance is lost, the main business is transformed from the LED chip to a lithium-ion battery, as well as the development of the company’s development of management leading management.

Retrospect with the original committee, as early as February 2019, the controlling shareholder Australian Group transferred 10% of the 4.5 yuan / share price to Greenwei Co., Ltd.

(referred to as “Green Wei Company”), in September of the same year, Australian Group Transfer 5% of the shares to Wu Jianyong, and sign the “Consistent Action Agreement” with Wu Jongyong.. After the transfer of two shares, the Australian Group’s shareholding ratio drops to 17.

34%. At the same time, the Australian Group has a cumulative set of 664 million yuan in the two transfer shares..

In July this year, the Australian Group has signed the “Equity Transfer Framework Agreement”, which is proposed to transfer 49.07 million shares, accounting for 5% of the company’s total share capital..

After the transaction is completed, the Greenwei Company and its consistent active include 22.16% of the company, and the Australian Group is no longer the company’s controlling shareholder. The company’s real-controlled people will be changed from Shen Xue as chenkai.

. Expanding lithium battery with the transfer of equity transfer, Australian Shuichang December 13th evening announcement. Aoyang Shunchang said that since September 2020, the company’s controlling shareholder was changed from Australian Group as a green.

. At the same time, the company’s lithium-ion battery business has become the company’s largest profit source and the largest profit increase point..

As a firm practitioner of the new energy revolution, the company’s lithium-ion battery, LED chip makes two sections from the new energy field. “Improving the human living environment” is always the company’s mission, we can continue to promote new energy revolutions by supplying security, reliable, cost-effective lithium-ion batteries and LED chips..

Australian Shuchang’s same day announcement, plans to invest annual production of 1 billion AH high security, long life, high-energy density new lithium-ion battery expansion project in Zhangjiagang City, in addition to the full-owned subsidiary Tianpeng Power supply 1.256 billion yuan, add annual output of 1 billion AH lithium-ion battery, which is expected that the annual output of lithium-ion battery is more than 300 million, and after the completion of the project, Tianpeng Power Lithium Ion Battery will reach 700 million..

It is understood that Tianpeng Power supply as a domestic non-ropened small power system lithium-ion battery supplier mainly based on high-end tools, in the face of flourishing market demand, and the output is not affected by customer service and business development of Tianpeng power supply. Rapid development of Tianpeng power supply. Therefore, the company intends to invest annual production of 1 billion AH high security, long life, high energy density new lithium ion battery expansion project in Zhangjiagang City in the current production of Tianpeng Power.

. This expansion project, relying on the existing plant area of ​​Tianpeng Power Supply, and adds about 26,600 square meters of land, new plant, with a total construction area of ​​about 1.96 million square meters.

. Project introduces international advanced pulp, coating, crushing, dividing equipment, integrated automatic winding machine, automatic assembly line, fully automated component capacity detection line, realizing the full process production process of lithium-ion batteries, and combined with 5G and Internet, implementation Intelligent management. At the same time, introduce advanced R & D and project management process (IPD), improve the construction of lithium-ion battery development platform, further enhance the development capabilities of basic material technology, build international leading research and development, production, and sell the lithium industry base of the three-way powerful lithium-ion battery.

. The company’s project investment, which is conducive to accelerating the strategic goal of “Tianpeng Power from the International Leading Small Power System Lithium Ion Battery Supplier”. .

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