Analysis of the power lithium battery: Who will be the star of the new energy car?

Analysis of the power lithium battery: Who will be the star of the new energy car?

In recent years, new energy vehicles seem to have many years, waiting for an actor, waiting for a timing, one night, but many people think that new energy vehicles and fuel vehicles are small fresh meat levels, I don’t know It is actually considered “old bacon” in the same era of the fuel car.. The world’s earliest electric car was born earlier than the internal combustion engine, in 1873, British Robert Davis produced the world’s first electric vehicle for practical vehicles, but due to various reasons, the fuel tuck still replaced electric car became Mainstream, but the wind is flowing, and it will be turned back.

. At present, the world’s new energy vehicles are divided into many, important: pure electric, mixed, new fuel car. Although at this stage, it is more popular with a new energy car.

If you want to completely get rid of fuel, then in the final form of future new energy vehicles, the mixed model will be gradually eliminated, pure tram and new fuel Car will be on. However, individuals believe that the future is the most promising future or new fuel, because the new fuel is relatively small. At present, pure electric vehicles can be divided into several factions, such as pure electric vehicles with battery motors, like BYD and other companies are quite accomplished in lithium-ion batteries, not in new energy vehicles such as batteries, motors, electric controls, have been technically limited, so Its development prospects relate to other technical restricted cars should be better, even Tsla is always optimistic about the industry, because of its ability to produce batteries independently, resulting in serious production, therefore coming to a very dangerous point.

As an important in use, it is a lithium ion battery. This battery can be recycled. This recyclable charging battery is born in 1996, safety, capacitance, cost performance, etc.

rose a grade.. In addition, there are special vehicles that specialize in hydrogen fuels, such as Toyota, Honda, Modern.

Toyota’s Mirai, Honda’s ClarityFuelcell, modern NEXO, hydrogen fuel compared to pure electric vehicles, there is a stronger battery life, and its energy conversion efficiency can reach 60%, and will not appear Any pollutants can do real 0 emissions, but hydrogen fuels are also very large. For example, to store hydrogen fuels, it is a very test technology. I believe that when you are in junior high school back chemical elements, you know, Hydrogen is the first, only one electron is internally, so the volume of the hydrogen atom is very small, even if the re-intensive container, the hydrogen atom is easily escaped, and the stability of the hydrogen atom is relatively poor, if it is not careful It’s easy to happen at a point.

At present, the techniques of hydrogen atoms are relatively insufficient enough, resulting in rising costs. In addition, the basic supporting facilities are not perfect, so studying the road of hydrogen fuel is still a long way..

Similar to methanol fuels, but methanol fuel is relatively better because it cost is cheap, and there will be no contaminants, but its energy density is small, compared with the same volume of gasoline, methanol car The battery is shorter, and the metal has corrosive, using a car, the car is used, but the current transformation engine is used, but the methanol has been listed as a future car development can replace the fuel, and the infrastructure such as the filling station is not seen. The prospect is still very considerable. At present, Geely Automobile is quite accomplishing in studying methanol, launched a carotive car.

. Of course, the industry is most amazing: grapene battery. Here, I have to mention the Zhengguan Group, about the graphene battery, they are very attached.

This year, the Beijing Auto Show, the Zhengxiao Group brings the extension electric drive car H500, K350, HKGT, and they are more willing to charge the battery through the generator extension through the generator extension, so that the battery life will reach or More than 1000km. The graphene battery that has always been unremitting efforts can also be used to complete 100KM. And have the advantages of long life, 100% increase, etc.

. The graphene battery can quickly shuttle in a rapid movement between the lithium ions, and the charging can be compressed to the ultimate, but the graphene cost is really high, and if it can be produced in large quantities, Reducing costs is naturally excellent, but you have to solve a lot of time.

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