Analysis of the eight major trend of charging lithium battery development in my country

Analysis of the eight major trend of charging lithium battery development in my country

With the dust of my country’s new energy cars in China in 2016, 2017 new energy vehicles began to enter accelerated development trend after March, and the world has also introduced new energy automobile development goals in 2017, and multinational car companies are more plus. Foot horsepower develops new energy vehicles, and our country is more than expected in the new energy vehicle promotion speed in the transportation field, so the goal will be doubled again on the 2020..

On September 24, Cai Unity, deputy director of the Ministry of Transportation Services, said that according to the current development speed, it is expected that the overall size of the new energy vehicles such as urban bus, taxi and urban logistics and distribution this year will break through. 300,000, completed the reservation in the 2020 development goals in advance, so my country will turn on this target amount of 2020, raised to 600,000, and also showed that my country is expected to make the first bus, taxi , The garbage cleaning car and the urban logistics distribution area realizes pure electric country. Industry drive: pure electric motor train is popular, becoming a black horse in logistics industry! As the largest producer and the most important application market, my country’s status of China’s lithium-ion battery industry is further improved.

Since this year, with the steady adjustment of new energy vehicles, my country’s new energy vehicles have further stabilized, and the power lithium battery will continue to rise quickly in the future, while the world is vigorously developing new energy vehicles. The trend has formed, and the future of my country’s power lithium battery in the future will continue to improve, especially in my country’s continuous introduction of support policies and dynamic lithium battery standards. In the future, my country’s dynamic lithium battery field is expected to form the following development trends.

. Trend 1: The size of the industry has risen steadily, my country’s advantage is expected to expand 2017, the important application market in the lithium-ion battery slows down, the whole year has more than 300 billion yuan in the whole year, and the growth rate has dropped from 4 percentage points from 2016..

Under the continued promotion of new energy vehicle promotion policies, my country’s electric vehicle production reached 650,000 in 2017, and the proportion of electric vehicle market will be further improved.. Trend 2: Dynamic lithium battery leads, market accounting will exceed 60% in 2017, due to domestic mobile phone brands have basically occupied domestic markets, the development difficulty in the international market is increased, and the growth rate will be reduced to 10%, laptop, Tablet production will continue to narrow, but still maintain a decline, wearable equipment, drones, etc.

Other consumer products are expected to show rapid rise, but the overall scale is small, overall, 2017 consumption lithium ion battery Market demand will keep 3% low speed rise. Under the strong promotion of national financial subsidies, in 2017, my country’s new energy auto market is expected to expand to 650,000 units, up 25% year-on-year, and the market of lithium-ion battery electric bicycles is expected to reach 5 million, plus power tools, etc., 2017 The scale of the power-type lithium-ion battery market is expected to reach 30GWH, up 30% year-on-year.

In view, in 2017, my country’s powered lithium battery will lead to my country’s lithium-ion battery market, which is expected to break through 60%, and the power lithium battery is pulling the contribution rate rising in my country’s lithium-ion battery industry will exceed 90%.. Trend 3: The subsidy is rapidly decline, the growth rate of new energy vehicles is low in the end of 2016, the Ministry of Finance, the Ministry of Science and Technology, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, and the National Development and Reform Commission will jointly announce the “Notice on Adjusting New Energy Automobile Promotion Application and Financial Subsidy Policy”.

Hereinafter referred to as “notice”). According to the “Notice”, the new energy passenger car subsidy has not changed, only 20% of the subsidy, the fixed slope mechanism, the new energy passenger car subsidy is large, reaching more than 40%. The large resurrection of battery subsidies is much higher than the previous market is expected, and higher technical requirements are proposed.

. Trend 4: New technology acceleration applications, subversion products can be expressed with the application of lithium-ion batteries in various fields, especially in the field of electric vehicles, new energy, and other fields, countries and major companies have increased research and development support. Strength.

At the same time, advanced material preparation technology such as graphene, nanomaterials is continuously improved, and the development and acceleration of lithium-ion batteries, the innovation of lithium-ion battery industry has accelerated, and various products have been introduced and put on the market.. In the future, with the continuous progress of various new technologies, new materials including silicone composite materials, solid electrolytes, etc.

, are expected to be widely used above the lithium-ion battery, and will have new applications in a specific application of wearable devices, special environments. Substurbible lithium ion battery products. Trend 5: Lithium-ion battery performance is limited, new battery technology commercial still needs current, lithium sulfur battery, lithium air battery, aluminum-graphite double ion battery, lithium ceramic battery, new battery technology such as new battery technology, most of the experiment In the room research stage, according to the process of technology results, we must have a large-scale application to promote at least 10 years.

. Considering the safety factor of the battery, the time to verify may be longer. About some gradually mature technologies, such as dual carbon batteries, solid-state lithium-ion batteries, etc.

, the production process is not mature, and the core technology is in the hands of one or two companies, the production is limited and expensive, and it is difficult to achieve scale applications in the near future.. As for supercapacitors, hydrogen fuel power batteries and zinc, lithium metal fuel power batteries have begun to produce small-scale production, high prices, and the market is subject to a period of time.

. Trend Six: Dynamic lithium battery policy mutation, industrial pattern face on major adjustments November 2016, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology officially officially implemented “Automotive Lithium Battery Industry Standard Conditions (2017)” (Draft for Comment) Ask for advice from all walks of life. “Automotive Lithium Battery Industry Standards (2017)” (Draft) “On the basis of the” Conditional Conditions of Automobile Power Battery Industry “on 2015, the annual production indicator requirements of lithium-ion power lithium battery are greatly improved, from the original 0.

2GWH / year increased to 8GWH / year. At present, the competition in the lithium-ion power lithium battery market is very fierce, and the industry is in a critical stage of turning, and my country’s lithium-ion battery industry pattern will be facing major adjustments..

Trend Seventh: The advantage of the backbone company is consolidated, and the industry concentration has further improved the output of new energy vehicles in my country in 2016, but the power lithium battery market concentration has further improved, the top 10 power lithium battery supplier market accounts for 2015 70% climbed 82% in 2016. Therefore, it is expected that the leading advantages of the bones in 2017 will continue to consolidate, and in the power lithium battery market will further improve, the market accounting of the top 10 suppliers will exceed 87%, and it is more than 5 percentage points from 2016..

Trend 8: The standard conditions are officially implemented, and the use of the market is to test the “Lithium Ion Battery Industry Standard Conditions” (hereinafter referred to as “Specifications”) officially announced, after reporting, approval, verification and other procedures, first batch of compliance The list of corporate announcements in the standardization conditions have been announced in 2017. The “Conditional Conditions for Automobile Power Battery Industry” has been published 5 batches of lists, basically incorporated the important technical indicators of lithium-ion power lithium battery, and lack specific technical indicators due to production requirements. Yield increased, regarding the development of the industry, no obvious use.

Despite the technical indicators, the “Lithium Ion Battery Industry Conditions” is set, but the requirements are not high, more than 70% of companies can reach. At present, there are more than 400 and downstream companies in my country’s lithium-ion battery industry, and the level of development level is uneven.

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