Akilang battery thermal management patent exposure variety of ways to cool down

Akilang battery thermal management patent exposure variety of ways to cool down

According to foreign media reports, my country Electric Automobile Manufacturers 蔚 来 (NIO) is working hard to enter the United States, and in R & D may be sold next-generation car in the United States, therefore, the company is working hard to solve battery heating problems.. On March 1, March 1, US Patent Trademark Office (U.

S.PATENTADTRADEMARKOFFICE) announced several new patent applications for Niousa, Inc.).

All patent applications cover battery thermal management in some form, indicating the importance of temperature control in electric vehicles.. Its patent application shows that it is actively innovating, and such innovation will help the newcomers and other markets to stand out in the market, and more advantages over competitors.

. One of the patent applications pointed out that with more and more electric vehicles use large batteries, the heat management of the battery is getting more and more important..

Cooling systems currently using phase change materials or other liquids typically only focus on cooling batteries or cooling other single systems, effect and efficiency is not as expected.. The solution proposed in the patent is that a heat sink is installed in the pure electric vehicle (BEV) junction box, which is supplied to the busbar (metal strip with current) and the power supply electronic device of the same junction box.

. The second solution uses a phase change material that can passively capture heat, aimed to reduce the heat of the gathered in the junction box..

It is said that due to the low average current, “traditional” electric passenger cars do not have a lot of heat, but after the rapid charging standard, “continuous current on all high pressure components” will increase, but also to be new The heat dissipation method is harmful to the electric vehicle, and another patent application for the anavites is mentioned that how to prevent overheating when the liquid cooling pump of the coolant flows through the liquid cooling pump of the battery pack.. A solution is already a redundant component and system, which cannot put two solutions into use, because it will “significantly add the quality of the entire cooling system, thus causing negative impact on the battery life of electric vehicles.

. “The company believes that the best solution is that the minimum number of cooling cycles and minimal cooling pump processing redundancy, that is, two liquid cooling pumps with valves in the pipe, when one of the pumps, Can be based on the flow of the coolant. .

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