After Damu Technology ‘Sanli Residue’ Next: 沄 沄 资 资 动 动 动 电 电

After Damu Technology 'Sanli Residue' Next: 沄 沄 资 资 动 动 动 电 电

On September 17th to 19th, a “three daily stop” from the GEM triggered a new forces car enterprise, power lithium batteries, capital fields.. Data Source: Sina Finance This wave of 35.

53% increased from the planning of Dadzi Technology (300530). According to its announcement, the company’s controlling shareholder, the real-control person, Zai Zhihua and shareholders, Liu Hongxia intended to transfer 16.68% shares to Hunan Hengpai Power Partnership (hereinafter referred to as “Hengpa Power”), and will 41.

2% shares Permanent awarding Balance. There is a view that this planning transaction is the beginning of the new energy vehicle power lithium battery field ushered in “squid”. It is reported that if the transaction is completed, Hengpa Power will receive a listed company that has continued to rise in electrochemical and environmentally friendly science and technology fields in three years, and Hengpa Power will “will” injection to Dagu Technology in the right time “.

New energy power lithium battery assets and integrate existing business. In the field of new energy vehicle power lithium battery, Hengba’s power is strong. According to multi-party information such as equity relationship, it is actually controlled by Lingpa New Energy Technology (Shanghai) Co.

, Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Lingpa New Energy”), this is a high-tech, manufacturing, sales, manufacturing, and sales. Technical company, also the upstream company of new energy auto industry chain.

In the face of “squid spike”, the industrial fund investment in Lingpa new energy is very calm.. “This is to inject another vitality for the dynamic lithium battery area.

“Former Morgan Strans Danli Huaxin Securities CEO, Bao Bao Capital Chairman Bao Yi took more cautious wording. “Accurately, this is a ‘productive investigation. What we do is a leader, leading new directions and continuously empowers emerging technology companies.

. “Bao Yi said,” In the future, we will continue to optimize my country’s new energy auto market and industrial development, focus on long-term industrial investment. “Substantial dynamic lithium battery field cake based on multifaceted factors in the field of dynamic lithium battery, Bao Yi is very optimistic about long-term industrial investment, in his view,” cake “in this field is attractive.

According to the Statistics of the Heli Automobile Research Institute, the full-year powered lithium battery installed capacity is 57.35GWh in 2018, which has risen by 57.0% year-on-year, and the rise in recent years.

“If I am CATL and Tianjin, I should now full of crisis. “In this field, Bao Yi is optimistic about the development of many technologies. When he came back from Japan, he was very impressed with the penetration of hydrogen fuel technology.

” In the new energy fuel power battery, the new technology path is endless, the country is supporting Improvement, new market demand will come. He explained the “crisis sense” in the form of a methanol fuel power battery, “We have been layout for several years, focusing on high-powered direct methanol fuel power cells, recently methanol car support policy is very good. If the methanol technology can be opened, then this fuel power battery will be very suitable for my country’s national conditions.

The new technical path has come out, and the old still lying in the same place.. “Pushing new, is one of Bao Yi,” “” “Power lithium battery, lithium-ion battery is also inseparable, to create new crafts, then build a new platform, you should be like new car companies The enthusiasm is invested in the field of power lithium battery.

. “In Bao Yi’s view, Lingpa New Energy is such an international, specialized, and vehicle new energy power lithium battery team..

According to public information, Lingpa new energy is based on high nickel terns and lithium iron phosphate, and introduces battery technology and research and development high-end talents. Advanced production equipment and technology, optimization technology platforms, Construction Industry 4.0-grade production base and industrial cluster.

Such a power lithium battery company is a seed player that can eat new energy “cake”. According to the data, domestic new energy batteries are mainly CATL, BYD and Guoxuan’s high-tech three manufacturers, and most new energy steam companies have selected the proderation lithium battery..

“The business plan and management team of Lingpa new energy is far from. “In his opinion, new energy vehicles are not allowed to drive the support of lithium batteries..

“Bole” “Bole” in Bao Yi, the market demand and vitality of emerging industries brings a wave of new round of change in my country.. In the face of all kinds of opportunities, Purbo capital selection is looking for “head companies” and become their “Bole”.

How do “Bole” look for “Miles”? According to Bao Yi, the capital is committed to multinational synergy and industrial associations, focusing on industrial 4.0 applications, environmentally friendly new energy, health consumption and other key industries..

“First, in terms of new energy vehicles and battery industries, we are important supporters and shareholders of Weima Auto,” Bao Yi said that there is a corresponding layout around new energy cars, smart cars, “We are optimistic about the world” Smart New Energy Car This big market, at the same time, the development of intelligent new energy vehicles, from technology inseparable from the support of lithium battery, this is another reason for our optimistic Lingpa new energy. According to CITIC Securities forecast, the 2025 global dynamic lithium battery will continue to show high rise. On the new energy vehicle related industrial chain, Bo Bo capital is also optimistic about artificial intelligence, Internet of Things, chip, integrated circuit and other industries.

. “We are important to support Face ++, along the company’s chain from algorithm to software to hardware to the module, the scene we are very optimistic. “Bao Yi said,” We invest in companies from Silicon Valley, there are already two chips’ comes “, next step, throughout the network communication, we will have a further layout.

“The future development of artificial intelligence, Bao Yi holds cautious and optimistic attitude. “If you ask what the next scene of my human future life is what, I think, in the billions of possible life scenes, the robot will definitely be one of them, the servic robot will definitely enter thousands of households. “Bao Yi believes that the development situation of new energy vehicles and the development situation of the servic robot industry has been partially similar.

” A few years ago, someone asked my new energy car to be the same, my answer is’ I don’t know When is it more than the long-awaited earlier than what you think, the popularity of the servic robot will come to our imagination.. “When you support the” Miles of Maxim “, it is the full support of the” Thousand Miles “.

. “Excluding (investment) the best way to do, it is to do your strength to support him..

“Bao Yi is in the new energy source of Lingpa,” We not only help invest in companies, but we will also do our best to build technology and market communication platforms.. We voted, it would hopes that it makes its own different products with the two power lithium batteries of ternary and lithium iron phosphate.

. “This full support is not blind, but it is built on the market and has a full understanding of technology..

“First, we have relevant experience in management. Secondly, we are very familiar with each car factory. In addition, we look at Different technologies in Germany, etc.

, and there is no chance to integrate some resource integration in the future, (沄 沄) Investment fuel power battery part of the project, will also consider cooperating with Lingpa new energy in the future. “Bao Yi said that in the new energy field,” Technology is to follow the market, we will use the things you have to use, to share, see how the future is in the future. ‘High-tech new energy company that is different from others.

“” CATL is already strong, but Mercedes Benz BMW is so strong, don’t you have a TSLA, “” Facing questions, Bao Yi is not mind, “the same reason, we are doing now is some attempts, explore. At least, we prefer to have a standardized product to ensure basic growth of a company, then make this company with differentiated competition points in some technical breakthroughs..

“A new change is coming from the new CBDo new energy,” squid “, stared to CATL in the field of power lithium battery. “At present, the new energy car market, the new and old forces gradually join.” When the capital group is competing, Bao Yi pays more attention to the new market demand, “a new change is coming, and the new consumer group facing this new change is young generation.

No matter which product, which product, which platform, we all want to lead this new change. “For the consumption habits of the young generation, the capital” fall “is quite. In addition to the preceding methanol fuel power cells, Lingpa New Energy and Weima Technology are the direction of Purbo capital investment.

. “We want to be a focus of investment companies in the industrial chain, let their development can cooperate, is a ‘ecology’, we must support these industries. “Talking about the future direction, Bao Yi is full of confidence.


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