According to the news, TSLA is building the ‘Battery Factory’ in my country.

According to the news, TSLA is building the 'Battery Factory' in my country.

According to Electrek, TSLA is accelerating construction “Battery Factory” in Shanghai, which is the second phase of its super factory construction.. In recent weeks, TSLA speeds up its pace of Model3 in Shanghai Super Factory GigaFactory3.

Last week, it was suspected of TSLA to be pre-produced in Shanghai Super Factory, and there were also news that TSLA will start formal production of MODEL3 in my country this week.. At the same time waiting for mass production, TslagigaFactory3 is also expanding.

In the past month, TSLA began to build a new base around the main factory.. People have been guessing that TSLA intends to deal with these new buildings called “Super Factory 3” “Second Phase”.

Last week, Reuters also reported that TSLA has launched a new stage of Shanghai Super Factory Construction, indicating that the company is full of confidence in our strategy.. According to the company’s message source and document, new projects will include battery pack production units.

Construction documents show that this “1.5 Project” includes a production workshop and an energy center. The project is expected to be completed by the end of this year.

. TSLA has not been revealed before this project..

Nowadays, the more exact news is coming to the report of my country’s “Global Times”, “a news from the GigaFactory3 plant construction team said that the base will build a battery factory.. At the same time, the construction of the second phase will be more faster than the first stage.

. “According to reports, the battery plant will be ranked faster than the first phase, because workers can set up pillars and roof truss in the second phase of the project for a few weeks, and raising roof truss in the first phase of the project. Monthly month.

The first phase of the GigaFactory3 plant is completed in about six months.. In January this year, TSLA Shanghai Super Factory officially started.

In June, TSLA has been building a substation for the new plant.. It is worth noting that today, TSLA has registered a wholly-owned construction company in my country.

This is the latest signs of TSLA promotion in the Huajian plant.. The national company credit information publicity system shows that TSLA established TSLA Construction (Shanghai) Co.

, Ltd. in September 27, with a registered capital of 1 million US dollars, whose capital owned by TSLA Automobile Hong Kong Co., Ltd.

. Obviously, TSLA Construction Company seems to be related to the next “2 Project” construction. It is still unclear, whether the “Battery Factory” means TSLA plans to produce battery batteries or battery packs here.

. According to the previous month, TSLA has reached a procurement agreement with LG, and the future domestic version of Model3 will use NCM811 batteries produced by LG chemistry in Nanjing Xingang Development Zone..

Elonmusk, TSLA CEO, was originally said that Shanghai Super Factory will produce batteries and vehicle, from Model3 to the final Model. By the end of this year, TSLA will start from 40,000 units per month, and the rapid growth in phases will increase..

Shanghai Super Factory will integrate R & D, manufacturing, sales, etc., is expected to completely build completed in 2-3 years..

After completion of the second phase, the annual production capacity of the plant will reach 500,000, and more than 250,000 units have been added more than 250,000.. Recently, there is a lot of evidence that TSLA is starting to build its own battery, including the acquisition of a battery production company, and several TSLA executives have confirmed this plan at the last shareholders’ meeting.

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