9 maps to understand sodium ion batteries

9 maps to understand sodium ion batteries

A small white car has been named in the Chinese Academy of Sciences. It is not because of her cute appearance, but because of her cute soul – sodium ion battery..

That’s right, this small white car is the world’s first low-speed electric vehicle that uses sodium ion batteries.. Director of the Party Secretary of my country, During the investigation physics, Demonstration, During the investigation physics,.

What makes the sodium ion battery so special? Let us understand her through 9 pictures! The story behind “small white car” has been committed to the cost of research and development team led by Hu Yongsheng researcher since 2011, is committed to low cost , Safe environmental protection, high performance sodium ion battery technology, independently developed a sodium ion battery system with complete independent intellectual property rights, which has been applied for more than 30 key materials such as positive, negative electrode, electrolyte, additives, adhesives. Invention patents; 12 invention patents have been authorized, including 1 US and Japanese patents..

The system uses rich sodium as an active element. The positive and negative electrode materials are selected with a low cost sodium copper manganese oxide and smoke-free coal base, which has a significant cost advantage..

After seven years of hard work, the R & D team led by Hu Yongsheng’s researcher has made breakthrough progress in scientific research and technology. At present, the energy density of the sodium ion battery has reached 120Wh / kg, which is about 3 times the lead-acid battery..

Low-cost sodium ion batteries are expected to have applications in low-speed electric vehicles, motor boats, home energy storage, grid energy storage.. In 2017, the first domestic department of the physiology ion battery technology focused on the development and manufacturing of sodium ion batteries in sodium ion batteries, from this sodium ion battery commercialization to accelerate, from the base material Developed to amplify preparation and production, from the material to the battery, from the cellular battery to the battery module, from the battery assembly to low speed electric vehicles, solidly advance, steadily.

Today, the first sodium ion battery low-speed electric car is unveiled, marking the formal opening of the commercialization of the sodium ion battery!.

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