9 major mergers and acquisitions 3 termination power lithium batteries open spring capital integration curtain forecast?

9 major mergers and acquisitions 3 termination power lithium batteries open spring capital integration curtain forecast?

After 2018 deep shuffle, the market concentration of the power lithium battery is further strengthened.. CATL and BYD’s faucet have been difficult to shake in a short time.

The crisis of Watma also knocked the alarm clock to the industry. Compared with the previous one, the capital on the power lithium battery industry has begun to be calm..

From the perspective of last year, in addition to the integrated resources between powers, there are cross-border financing, attempt to eat new energy industry, such as the real estate, the big, treasure, Guancheng Datong, Wantong et al; selling wine, such as China Portuguese; Derui’s precise equity, the capital integration of the industrial chain occupies mainstream, on the other hand, the case like the China Legal Group terminates the acquisition of the Bike battery has also begun to occur frequently.. “At present, investment in lithium-eM industry has increased the estimation of marking, and the high-quality scarce is scarce, and the mergers and acquisitions are increased.

The competitiveness of the standard company has declined, and the risk of gambling failure is high investment risk and pressure.. “Zhongtai Securities a long-term attention to the new energy industry, Shao Zhihua, told new materials online®For the current power lithium battery industry, the entry of capital has been very cautious, before the recovery project is put on hold or termination will become normal.

. The author has summarized the capital integration case of the power lithium battery industry since January this year. What is the characteristics of these cases? What trend does it represent? Successful acquisition (capital operation) case Evergrande acquisition Shanghai card to new energy January 24.

According to the data, Kahin’s energy is found by my country’s Automotive Technology Research Center (the State Administration of State Administration of State) and Japanese Battery Giants ENAX, which is a battery provider of many mainstream car companies such as SAIC Group, Dongfeng Auto, Chang’an Auto, Jiangling Group. In 2018, its power lithium battery installed volume is ranked first in the industry..

CATL injection of 1.02 billion yuan and FAW settled joint venture Company February 27, FAW Group and CATL have set up a joint venture company. According to Qunxuobao, the new joint venture Company Available FAW Power Lithium Battery Co.

, Ltd. has been registered on January 31, and the legal representative is Qu Tao, with a registered capital of 2 billion yuan, of which CATL has funded 1.02 billion yuan, share ratio 51%; FAW Group has funded 980 million yuan, the shareholding ratio is 49%.

After holding hands with FAW, CATL has contracted six large members in the automotive field.. BYD 52 million acquired Durui Precision 32.

5% of the equity in February 3, BYD announced the announcement, the company wholly-owned subsidiary Shenzhen BYD lithium-ion battery Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Shenzhen Lithium Ion Battery”) intends to be 52 million yuan Shenzhen Meteifeng Investment Co.

, Ltd. and Mr. Tao Guang held a total of 32.

5% of Derui Precision Equipment).. After being completed, the company will hold 32.

5% of Derui precision equipment through Shenzhen lithium-ion batteries.. Dongguan Duri Precision Equipment Co.

, Ltd. was established on January 28, 2011, and registered capital of 20 million..

Among them, Jiajie Co., Ltd. holds 65%, Shenzhen Meteifeng Investment Co.

, Ltd. holds 22.5%, and 12.

5% ​​of Tao Guangzhong Shares.. In 2018, Jiuyue, Durui precision operating income is 71,4900,500 yuan, net profit 506,300 yuan.

Koheng Shares Xu Zhen Automation and Chengxie Intelligent March 1 night notice, Koheng Shares intended to purchase Yuchen Automation 100% equity and Chengxie intelligence 100% stake in the way of issuing shares and payment cash. The price is 1.1 billion yuan.

Koheng Shares simultaneously intended to raise funds for non-public distribution of non-public issued shares in a inquiry, and the total amount of fundraising has no more than 658 million yuan.. The transaction is committed to the other party, and the rendezvous of the 2018, the net profit of the 2013 and 2020 is not less than 30 million yuan, 40 million yuan, 50 million yuan; Chengjie Intelligence 2018, 2019 and 2020 Realizing the net profit of the deduction of non-return, no less than 35 million yuan, 65 million yuan and 75 million yuan.

Notice information shows that Huan Chen automation and Chengxie intelligence are lithium battery companies. Yuchen automation is important for the downstream power lithium battery manufacturer supply package blue film machine, shell machine, 检 机, 注 液 中 中 设备 设备, Middle section equipment. Xinhai Yi 30 million US dollars to acquire Canadian lithium mine company equity on March 8, Xinhai Yi announcement, its participation in the national Australian fund wholly-owned subsidiary National Australian buttons Lithium Industry (Quebec) Co.

, Ltd. and SOQUEMinc. Signed asset acquisition Agreement, intended to purchase Soqueminc.

40% interest in MoBlan lithium mine projects. According to the notice, the trading of this acquisition target is $ 30 million and the rights of rights..

Rights is calculated by 1% of total revenue, accumulating no more than 10 million US dollars. In the cash section, 5 million US dollars will be paid immediately in the delivery date, and the remaining 25 million US dollars is paid..

The content of the announcement shows that the MoBlan lithium mine project is a lithium-plated rock project located 100 kilometers north of the north of Kemmo Town, Quebec, Canada. It is important to include 20 exploration rights, total exploration area of ​​416.31 hectares.

. JewJV power and honeycomb energy investment of 1.5 billion yuan to establish a joint venture March 11, Great Wall Auto and Shanghai Fosun Group signed a cooperation agreement, and integrates Jiangsu Wei Bee Power Industry Co.

, Ltd., of which Shanghai Fosun Group is Company Tianjin Jiewei Power Shares 51%, Great Wall Automobile Subsidiary Honeycomb Honeyholds Shares 49%. The joint venture project is intended to invest 1.

5 billion yuan in Jiangsu Yancheng, build 4 three-yuan soft bag power lithium battery production line, the first phase of production 2.5GWH, the project plan was built in the first half of 2020. The joint venture project is intended to invest 1.

5 billion yuan in Jiangsu Yancheng, build 4 three-yuan soft bag power lithium battery production line, the first phase of production 2.5GWH, the project plan was built in the first half of 2020. The term 2018 power lithium battery industry is difficult, and more than 10 incidents that end the acquisition of the acquisition of the acquisition.

. This adverse situation continues until 2019. As of March 12, less than 3 months, the termination of the foreign advertisement has reached 3.

China Lili Group terminates the acquisition of the Bike Battery on January 11, the China Lili Group announced that the company decided to terminate planned acquisition of excellent power lithium battery manufacturers Shenzhen Bike Power Lithium Battery Co., Ltd., one of the future business planning focused Electronic field.

Previously, the Chinese Lixi Group had intended to be included in the Box Power Equity including Shenzhen Bick Bell Bell, Tibet Haoze Trading Co., Ltd., including Shenzhen Bike Battery Co.

, Ltd., and the transaction price is expected to reach 10 billion yuan..

Regarding the reasons for termination of the acquisition, the China Listening Group said in the report of the majority of the secondary market in the report of the second-level market, and the company’s actual situation of the company, the company’s future development plan, There is a big uncertainty in this major asset restructuring. Ba Litship Technology terminates the acquisition of Suzhou Yong Battery on January 18th, the auto parts manufacturing company Mitsubishi Technology announced that the company will terminate Suzhou Yudith Co., Ltd.

. As early as May 17, 2018, Mitsubai Technology has announced the controlling shareholders of the astronical battery. Shanghai Kailong Investment Management Co.

, Ltd. signed the “Equity Transfer Intention”, which is intended to hold 20% of the tube battery holding it – 30% stake. The overall estimate of the prevailing battery is 2.

8 billion yuan to 3.5 billion yuan. After the signing of cooperation intentions, the company did not have a derived company for due diligence.

As of now, there is no substantive progress, and the transaction is unanimously agreed to terminate.. Aikang Technology terminated the acquisition of Shenzhen Xin Chengtai, early in the early days, photovoltaic accessories faucet Jiangsu Ekang Technology Co.

, Ltd. also announced the termination of Shenzhen Xin Chengtai Technology Co., Ltd.

notice. In order to income Xin Chengtai, Aikang Technology has previously been prepared for nearly 8 months..

In September last year, Aikang Technology once announced that it is planned to purchase 100% equity equity engaged in lithium-ion battery automation production equipment through the shares, estimating 397 million. The reason for the termination of the end of the acquisition, and the transaction is unable to reach the agreement in the negotiation process, and decided to terminate the assets of this issue. What is the reason for the investment in the power lithium battery? “Talking about money to hurt the feelings, transaction prices have not reached a consensus is an important reason for general mergers and acquisitions.

. “Shao Zhihua believes that with the continuous advancement of new energy automotive industry, the market maturity is increasing, the high-quality lithium-standard is less and less, causing the company’s valuation to double or double the rising than the first two years, both parties in the purchase price There is a big difference, and finally. On the other hand, the continuous fluctuations in new energy policies are also unbearable for investors.

. Since the explosion of the new energy car fraud, the state has taken the battery company directory, the new energy car recommended directory, the subsidy policy, the new national standard strong test, 30,000 kilometers of mileage, etc. Behavior policy.

“Policy fluctuations do not prevent each lithium-e-commerce impact on future development. “Haitong Securities Analysis Zhong Qi believes that industry policy fluctuations affect the confidence of listed companies across the border, the acquisition failed, the risk is too high, and the choice will give up. Of course, it is difficult to impativate investors in poor profitability.

. In the past two years, listed companies have allocated lithium-e-commerce companies in cross-borders, basically because the company’s main business is not smooth, and traditional performance has continued to decline, and there is an urgent need to seek new profit rising points. The investors are not live Lei Feng, regarding the target company For the respect of the corresponding performance, the risk of gambling failed.

“The company’s high valuation, behind the high premium acquisition is the acquirer and the target company signed too high performance to gambling target. “The joint founder of the Cylindrical Battery Company of Dongguan is telling new materials online®In the subsidy, the raw materials are continuously priced, the market competition is exacerbated and the product gross profit margin has dropped, and the target company has suffered too large performance to gambling pressure and risks. Accepting the acquisition In many cases, it is forum , Unsuccessful.

The capital integration of the dynamic lithium battery market will have the case of the dynamic lithium battery industry. The stage of changing the challenge of the capital has passed, and it will become more cautious after paying the tuition fees..

“Capital is willing to accelerate industry restructuring, so that SMEs without technical advantages are eliminated in competition.. “The industry believes that from the final guiding, the capital will focus on technology, manage the target of advantage.

. Relying on policy-driven new energy auto market brings a moment of prosperity for the power lithium battery industry, when subsidies exit, the fully marketized environment is the true test of the company..

“Under the marketing competition, especially some international large-scale car companies, they choose battery packages, quality, including company qualifications, including company qualifications.. “Industry insiders said that once new energy vehicles enter the marketing stage, the power lithium battery company will usher in the market to prevent the market, and the cultivation of strength is not a good job in the first day, this is necessary to do rational before entering the court.

planning. “From the technical level, in order to meet the new energy vehicles on the complaints of the new energy, the charging rate, the service life and safety, the power lithium battery industry chain, a batch attach importance to R & D investment, new materials, innovative lithium battery manufacturing equipment Start standing out, the battery is developed in the direction of “high quality, high efficiency, high stability” and “informationization, no humanized visualization”. .

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