9 battery companies ‘seize the’ 21700 battery market

9 battery companies 'seize the' 21700 battery market

With the wind, the trend is also, 21700 batteries import in the domestic new energy vehicle field is more than expected.. It is understood that, as of now, the Bike battery, the lemon technology, the Far East Foster, Tianpeng power supply, force god batteries, billion latitude, CCCO new energy, Hengdian Dongyun, Anhui Thai Can Thai Canne Cannd Thai Corporation Layout 21700 battery.

In the three first nine battery companies in the domestic 21700 battery, Lithium battery and Yipi lithium can have official mass production, Tianpeng power supply and creative new energy existing production lines can realize arbitrary 18650 and 21700 types. Switch, the rest are plans to put into production. Among them, Yi Lithium can built the first 21700 production line in China; Li Shen battery has become the company’s first 21700 battery successfully introduced new energy vehicles; Anhui Thai Nenele is stepping up the construction of the first domestic professional production of 21700 power lithium battery Super factory.

The first “eating crab” is alive, but the card battle of this focus 21700 battery has just begun.. The 21700 battery performance of “bold lengthening” is not bright.

In response to the question of “Guoxuan currently has a 21700 battery production plan”, Guoxuan Quan has shown that NCM811 or NCA positive pole is economical and more High battery pack energy density, there is currently no relevant mature industry chain in China, and the company has no production of 21700 battery-related programs.. And this is also a needle to answer the fundamental gap between domestic 21700 batteries and TSLA21700 batteries.

. As shown in the figure above, there is a non-small gap in the material system, energy density, etc..

For example, the 21700 battery energy density of Yili lithium can be produced is only 215Wh / kg.. It is understood that in the eighth batch of recommended directories, Nanjing Jinlong Bus Manufacturing Co.

, Ltd. and Beiqi (Changzhou) Automotive Co., Ltd.

have a pure electric chamber transport vehicle adopted 21700 batteries of God.. According to the data, the battery cell capacity is 4.

0ah, and the system energy density is 133.64Wh / kg..

Obviously, the performance indicators of the 21700 battery are still not bright enough, just “lengthening the bold” 18650 battery.. Moreover, the gap is more than this.

Some industry experts pointed out that the 21700 battery can quickly market, its key is whether the battery company has enough related experience in technology research, process manufacturing and end application, rather than relying on several 21700 production lines.. In other words, domestic 21700 batteries should be optimized at Pack design, BMS, etc.

when the vehicle is imported; breakthroughs in terms of core materials (NCA / NCM811, silicon carbon, etc.) technology; even on the electrical core housing due to Pre-nickel-plated steel shell material (TSLA has been using the material) Core technology is controlled by Japanese companies, and most companies in China can only use the nickel-plated housing materials, and the road to improve product performance is still very long..

Obviously, these lading 21700 batteries companies are the future. Lin Jian, vice president of R & D of the Bike Battery, said that the next company will achieve 21700 battery rated capacity by 6.0AH by combining high nickel and silicone carbon.

. Force God plan to launch 260WH / kg products in 2018 and upgrade to NCM811 and NCA system, and finally reach 300WH / kg goals. Passenger cars is to test the 2,1700 battery’s test stone except for the performance advantage of the 21700 battery itself, national policies have also strong support for 21700 batteries.

. In the National Standards Committee officially announced in July this year, the 21700 battery size is in column in the 21700 battery size..

This has a certain degree even more strengthened the battery company’s confidence in the 21700 market.. However, and TSLA applies 21700 batteries to the pure electric passenger car model.

Different, the first domestic import 21700 battery is a pure electric special vehicle.. It is understood that at the Suzhou Li Shen 21700 battery production ceremony, there are 10 domestic and international vehicle companies that sign the strategic cooperation instrument on site and force god batteries.

Most of the special vehicle production companies.. The reason is roughly the following: First, the cost-effective electric log market is rising, and its requirements for the battery can not be lighter, safer, longer, the price is lower, and the 21700 battery can be very good.

Meet the application needs in the field of electricity flow vehicles. Second, compared to square and soft boiled lithium batteries, the cylindrical battery is relatively high, which also supplies more opportunities to 21700 in this field..

For example, the 32650 cylindrical battery of Watma’s important production is a good installed volume in the special vehicle area.. Again, the requirements of the end customer also have a certain impact on the introduction of pure electric special vehicles in China 21700.

. Of course, the car enterprise should be used in the early period of time, only after the assessment is qualified..

Most importantly, the 21700 battery is currently not enough test data and terminal operation data.. Compared with the special vehicle area, new energy passenger cars and passenger vehicles on the safety and cycle life of the power lithium battery higher, and the verification test cycle in battery imports is longer.

. Therefore, the reality of domestic pure electric special vehicles take the lead in importing 21700 batteries is not surprising..

The gradually issued passenger car market will undoubtedly become a test of the test of the quality and maturity of domestic 21700 batteries.. What is worth paying attention is that the Super Factory of Anhui Tai Neng New Energy Technology Co.

, Ltd. has officially started construction on October 8, 2017, and is expected to be put into production in March 2018..

It is understood that the project is a Thai Nenele New Energy Automobile Out-of-Industry Chain Project, which was established by the Tel Group, Xinhai Yi Technology Group, Haishu Group, Qixia Construction, Suzhong Construction, Car Union Wanjia, Red Thoughts Trade. One, the first phase of important construction of three yuan lithium ion battery production line. At present, battery technology has become the key to breaking through the bottleneck of new energy vehicles.

It can produce a three-dimensional lithium-ion battery having scale, high quality, and ultra-era. It is undoubtedly important indicators to win the development of new energy vehicles..

As for the future development of the 21700 battery, Anhui Thai Nenee can write a strong writing. .

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