811 battery ‘original crime

811 battery 'original crime

In recent years, the automotive industry has a large-scale forum, no matter what theme, new energy and intelligence always escape the topic.. On September 20, “2019 (7th) Automotive and Environmental Innovation Forum”, new energy security issues are once again discussed.

“Three-yuan material batteries (including 811, 523, 622) have long been, not today. So why didn’t you take it out? Because such a battery safety test is not. “my country’s Automobile Power Lithium Battery Industry Innovation Alliance, Deputy Secretary General, Wang Zi, Winter.

Prince Winter was a researcher of the North Vehicle Research Institute in my country. Director of the National 863 Electric Vehicle Major Power Lithium Battery Testing Center, and the history of the dynamic lithium battery in my country, and of course, it is also more deeply recognized..

As prince, there is natural contradiction between new energy security issues and high-energy, high-energy density, which has become industry consensus.. And 811 batteries, self-contained and high-tech radios, have become a firepower concentration point for safety and battery debate.

. ▲ my country’s Automobile Power Lithium Battery Industry Innovation Alliance Deputy Secretary General Prince is in front of safety, who dares to use 811 batteries? 811 battery “work” 811 battery, is “high” version of the three-dimensional ion battery. The ternary lithium ion battery is an important means that the lithium ion power lithium battery with nickel-cobalt manganese is a positive electrode, and 811 represents the ratio of nickel-cobalt manganese.

. The first number “8” refers to the specific gravity of the nickel element, and the higher the specific gravity of nickel, the higher the energy density of the battery, but nickel is also an element with high metal activity, so its proportion is the safety of the battery, the lower the safety..

The cobalt element also plays a crucial use in the ternary lithium ion battery. Cobalt elements can increase the stability of the battery while adding a cycle life of the battery, but the price of cobalt is the most expensive in three elements, so Battery “less cobaltization” is a trend. It can be seen that the element ratio of the 811 battery is fundamentally determined that the battery is highly risk-safe.

. “We used to understand that the energy density of the 811 triple battery must be high, but who dares to use in the case of security issues?” Prince Winter said. The presence of the prince, the existence of technology is not right, the problem is fundamentally used by the people.

. Under the basis of existing battery technology, safety and energy density is a choice issue. If there is a high pursuit of energy density and battery life, then security must be “sacrificed”.

So how to choose, there are different answers under different scenes. Prince is revealed that everyone is not too dare to use a three-yuan material battery in the case of safety and dominant. For example, electric passenger cars, electric passenger cars should pass strong inspections, one of the test items that must be done is thermal out-of control, and the battery of the three-yuan material cannot be detected, and thus cannot be applied to electric buses.

. “But the battery pack of the passenger car does not do this thermal out-of control test, because it is not. “Prince Winter.

“In order to use the three-yuan material battery, some companies have even strive to do their work modification standards, it has lowered the standards of high requirements.. The company is doing this is extremely irresponsible for users.

. “The new energy car company is not broken by battery technology, the collective application of high-energy, high-energy density, directly leads to frequent transmission of electric vehicles..

According to incomplete statistics, as of August this year, 20 new energy vehicles have occurred in 2019, and the development of new energy industries has caused bad influences, and the lives of consumers constitute direct threats.. It should be pointed out that the currently reflected battery is just a “product” of the previous subsidy policy.

With the improvement of energy density and endurance mileage requirements, future new energy fire accidents or will be more presented. Behind the problem is behind, in the face of such a simple choice, how would the vehicle enterprises would rather sacrifice safety, dedication, and also pursue battery life? Nowadays, it is also the most likely to be guided by policy markets..

The direction of current subsidy policy guided is a higher subsidy for high energy density and high-end products.. Under the guidance of the policy, the car company is naturally more focused on the achievement of energy density and battery life.

. However, as people tend to choose a more relaxed solution, facing the policies, the solution used by the vehicle enterprise is the simplest and straightforward method – the hard work of the high-energy density battery, improve the battery life by new batteries. However, there is a more complex solution method to be lightweight in the body, and the motor energy saving technology.

Wang Ziqing said that many companies are now desperately adding battery packs, and 40KWH charges are 300 kilometers, then take 40 kWh power to 400 kilometers, which brings a series of issues.. Because the multi-strap battery, the space to arrange the battery system is limited, it is necessary to increase the energy density, and improve the energy density, there is no advancement of the battery material.

It can only desperately pressing the limit potential of all materials, sacrifice safety and life will become inevitable.. The new energy car companies are urgently reflected in the back of the new energy vehicle enterprises, and they are expected to quickly spread the market to obtain subsidies, but do not ask for technology, reduce the potential logic of R & D investment.

. “We now look at several important materials in the lithium-ion battery, what makes breakthroughs and major improvements have been negatively negatively negative? No. What are we doing? We are doing subtraction, battery diaphragm is thin, copper foil, aluminum foil is thin, and the temperature sensor in the battery module is reduced.

So in this case, our development of new energy cars is a very dangerous thing.. “Prince Winter.

What is new energy security? Clear insight into the current status of new energy auto industry and after the car survival logic, how to develop the topic to be discussed. Is the pursuit of the high-declined model of 811 batteries as the core, is it hard to ensure safety? In recent times, many new energy car companies leaders speaking many times in various occasions, expecting to achieve new energy development from policy market to market chemical stability. As everyone knows, the subsidy policy has passed the “Republic of China” in the market.

It is in order to introduce the new energy industry into the marketization process and. “The choice of a car and power assembly is not determined by environmental regulations and vehicle companies, but by users and market demand..

“Under the reversal of market demand, the car enterprises will have more energy to focus on technology, and there are more choices to trade balance between pros and cons.. As in the face of the current tricky safety problem, in the marketization, the company can choose a lower cost, low energy density, and not to obtain subsidies.

. In addition, there are more time to study the safety issues to study safety issues to establish a good image in consumers..

In the case where there is no new material development, it is necessary to solve the safety problem of lithium-ion batteries to match the matching of materials, the structure of the battery module, battery system integration, and charging methods.. Instead of extremely 811 batteries, the future development of the new energy market is dominated by the update of battery technology.

. In fact, the new energy security issues in the above discussion have been accompanied by the development of new energy development..

It can be seen that solving new energy security issues must be implemented, air-speaking slogans, to cope with policies, and often “carry their own feet”, giving the company’s image, causing difficult to repair. Of course, the security issues that land in the landing of new energy vehicles are also flattering the way for the future development of new energy, so that new energy vehicles are separated from the policy market, and towards real marketization.

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