5 mainstream electric car power lithium battery competition

5 mainstream electric car power lithium battery competition

In the world, more and more manufacturers and capital have joined the wave of electric vehicles.. It seems that there are countless electric car brands and cars to come to us, but after careful observation, the mainstream electric car on the market includes BMW I3, BYD E6, TSLAMODLE series, etc.

. Although all electric cars, the battery difference used is very large..

1. BMW i3 BMW I3 uses a three-dimensional lithium-ion battery from Samsung SDI, and the battery form is square lithium ion battery..

The characteristics of square lithium ion batteries are high structural strength, withstand the mechanical load capacity; the energy density of battery packs is general; the process is complex, the product is low, and the consistency is poor.. It can be said that this is the three-dimensional lithium-ion battery in addition to safety, other aspects of performance are not excellent battery, but the safety is also the reason why the square battery is favored by traditional car companies.

. Back to i3, the power lithium battery of the car consists of 8 battery packs, each battery pack has 12 square battery cells, and is connected to the drive motor system in series by 8 battery packs..

In terms of mechanical structures, the 8 battery packs of I3 can be individually detached.. The advantage of this is that when a battery pack is detected, it can be replaced separately, do not disassemble the vehicle power lithium battery system.

In addition, the i3 body is composed of “Life” module + “drive” module, the latter is included in the suspension, battery pack, drive system, and collision protection structure, and other structural structures of the body, further improving the safety of the car.. On the thermal management and electric control system, BMW abandoned the self-research and chose the electronics control system from Germany, which consists of electronic control element battery management unit and battery monitoring sensor unit.

BMW said that the system can always Monitor the voltage temperature change of each battery pack. The measured data will be processed by the battery management unit (BMU) to determine respective charging voltages to ensure that the battery is in the best state..

2, the power lithium battery of the Tslamodelsxtsla car is from the three-dimensional lithium-ion battery from Panasonic, and the specific form is well known 18650/2170 (model3) cylindrical battery, the important feature of the cylindrical battery is the automated production process, the product is high, the product is high, Good consistency; small battery, battery pack is large; complex in grouping process, low reliability of battery pack systems. The last point also leads to a variety of people’s cognitive misunderstandings, and it is considered that TSLA has no company responsibility, ignoring the low reliability of the three-dimensional lithium-ion battery, and pushes 18650 for high energy densities 18650. In the early days of TSLA, there are also many industry insiders so singing at the safety of TSLA.

. TsLACTOJBSTRAUBEL has responded to this issue: “I believe me, in the near future we will see 18650 is the most convincible. I really don’t understand why 18650 will cause so much controversy.

. Our battery is actually customized, we have made a lot of customization work with Panasonic. What we do is the car-class battery, according to the harsh test of the automotive standard, absolutely impossible to find this battery on any notebook.

“It can be said that traditional consumption electronic classes 18650 and TSLA18650 are just consistent in shape and size, and there is still a difference in security and performance.. In addition, TSLA investment in battery pack and electronically controlled technology is also impressive, this technology advantage from a number of traditional car companies to TSLA car reverse engineering can also be proof.

Take TslamodelSP90D as an example, in terms of battery pack, the vehicle’s power lithium battery consists of 16 modules, and each module has 444 batches, 74 and 6 strings, total 7104 cells.. When P100D is in the same case of P90D, the size is exactly the same as the size of 10 kWh, in addition to the contribution of energy density improvement, the media dismantling display, TSLA redesigned the entire battery pack device, More cells are stacked in the same space – although the same consisting of 16 modules, each module has 516 cells, 86 and 6 strings, total 8256 cells.

Lenovo’s small car space space, we speculate, the new battery pack technology in P100D is probably to do technical verification to Model3, so that it is more likely to configure as much as possible to make MODEL3 Competitiveness. On the battery thermal management system, the P90D realizes the series of cooling systems for the series parallel joint switching of the cooling system with a four-way conversion valve..

When the battery is at a low temperature, the motor cooling circuit and the battery cooling circuit are connected in series, thereby driving the motor to heat. When the battery is at a high temperature, the motor cooling circuit and the battery cooling circuit are parallel, and the two sets of cooling systems are completely dissipated..

Cars can choose the best heat management method according to working conditions. 3, Chevrolet Bolt Electric Edition Chevrolet Bolt’s power lithium battery and TSLA are the same, but in terms of a three-dimensional ion battery, but in the battery form, Bolt selects a lithium-ion battery, soft boiler battery. Important features are relatively good security performance, not easy to explode; high energy density, good ductility, multi-variable shape; consistency, high cost; to withstand mechanical load capacity, easy to damage and leakage.

GM has spent a lot of effort to test the durability and security of the battery before mass production, and they have established a test laboratory to simulate the vibration, collision, etc. of the battery in daily driving, and even A stability in the case of shooting, to ensure that vehicles and personal safety in this extreme environment. The practice of using soft-boiled lithium batteries also makes battery pack management greatly simplified (associated with TSLA), specifically, Bolt’s soft bag lithium battery is divided into two battery packs, tiling in the bottom of the body.

. On the battery thermal management system, when the battery is in a low temperature state, universal is equipped with a charging heating method having a power of 1.6 kW, which can control the overall temperature difference below 2 degrees Celsius.

. When the battery is in a high temperature state, the liquid cold line is densely tiled in the various parts of the soft boiled lithium battery, so that the entire temperature difference is too large to prevent the overall temperature difference of the battery pack. Situation.

Although the entire heat management system is not as efficient as TSLA, more energy saving. 4 The same supplier and battery pack, here is not described here, we focus on the laminated soft bag lithium battery pack in the upper generation, mentioned above, one of the features of the soft boiler battery is that the ductility is good, the shape is varied. This is also why the battery pack shape can be designed to be laminated, and the maximum use of space while ensuring safety.

. At the same time, in order to circumvent the soft bag lithium battery with poor mechanical load capacity, it is easy to damage and leakage, the Leaf battery pack uses a complete sealing design..

The battery pack consists of a laminated manganese acid ion battery of 192 33.1ah..

The 4-knitted cell is used in two and two strings, and 48 modules constitute a battery pack.. On the thermal management system, since AESC acts as a technological advantage of the lithium-manganese acid ion battery of the Japanese affair, the battery has reduced internal impedance after electrode improvement, reduces the heat generation, while the thin layer structure makes the inside of the battery.

The heat is not easy to accumulate, so the Nissan is designed for the LEAF battery pack, which is white to show that the design of other electric cars has been designed by optimizing the battery and battery pack, making it naturally cooling.. When the battery is at a low temperature, Leaf is supplied with a heating option similar to Chevrolet Bolt.

. 5, BYD E6 BYD E6 adopts BYD self-developed lithium iron phosphate ion battery. Compared to the three-dimensional lithium-ion battery, the lithium iron phosphate ion battery is higher, the anti-recession is longer, the raw material resources are rich, the application cost is low (my country), but there is also a shortcoming of energy density, low temperature recession.

. BYD E6 consists of 96 square battery monomers of 60 kWH battery pack, and the entire battery pack is laid in the bottom of the body, and the flame retardant substance is added to the electrolyte of the E6 battery, and the possibility of explosion and combustion is eliminated from the source. In addition, the battery At high temperature, high pressure, impact test test before mass production, verify the safety and performance performance of batteries in extreme environments.

The bottom of the battery pack is also applied to a flame retardant plastic protective cover. It is important to prevent the crushed stone hit the battery case. The plastic deformation characteristics of the plastic can decompose the force of the crumbs, and the plastic cover is also in weight.

It is better than the metal cover, and the vehicle body can be further reduced, and the renewal mileage can be improved.. When the battery is short-circuited, the electrolyte gas is expanded, the pressure relief valve on the battery pack can quickly discharge the battery of the battery, belonging to the passive safety device.

. E6 tested safety and stability + high subsidies from the government have made this model to become the preferred taxi star model in China..

Summarizing the above electric vehicles is the excellent product representative of the “Market and Consumer Test”, summary, the highest energy density of the cylindrical battery, TSLA has to solve the heat management caused by dense battery through high-difficult technical research and development efforts Puzzle; and Nissan, Chevrolet selected soft boiled lithium battery, compared to cylindrical battery energy density, but in solving the operational performance of battery pack heat management, this is a typical gradual progress of traditional car companies like Law. And the BMW method sets the automobile safety, while educating the business to reduce the impact of electric vehicle business on the book cash flow; BYD’s battery chemical materials are unique, with a broad domestic market and policy tilt and performance The technical level has received leading position. .

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