2% cheap than three yuan! The phosphate charging lithium battery is snapped up

2% cheap than three yuan! The phosphate charging lithium battery is snapped up

The current cost of electric vehicles is high, and there is a lot of relationships with the price of the battery. Although many battery manufacturers say this market price is close to the profit and loss..

However, due to the price fluctuations in the upstream raw material market, battery products will inevitably have price fluctuations.. At present, as the lithium iron phosphate ion battery is re-enacted by the car company, the production supply and demand situation changes, and the price will also usher in the new wave of rise.

. A few days ago, according to the media report, lithium iron phosphate ushered in the year’s first price increase. Jiangxi Zhi Lithium Technology announced the “price adjustment explanation letter” on November 19th, the company decided to rise 1,000 yuan per ton of lithium iron-phosphate orders from November 19th.

According to industry websites, since mid-November, the lithium iron phosphate positive company has increased the price, the current industry average price increased from 33,000 yuan / ton to 35,000 yuan / ton, the increase of approximately 2,000 yuan / ton. In addition, the data released by the China Automobile Association showed that the amount of lithium iron ion battery in October was 127.5% year-on-year, up 3.

5% from the previous month.. This is already a lithium phosphate ion battery lasts for three months.

. According to industry, the safety and low cost of the lithium iron phosphate ion battery, as well as the understanding of the rationality of electric vehicles on the high-decreasing of electric vehicles, the new wave of lithium iron phosphate ion batteries is promoted..

Analysts expect that with the reason for the subsidy, technical level improvement, the market size of lithium iron phosphate is expected to be flat or more than ternary batteries. Currently, the largest advantage is that the largest advantage is more costly, and the cost of the current lithium ion battery is about two% cheap than the three-yuan lithium-ion battery..

About those large-scale shipping vehicles, large ships, special vehicles, lithium iron phosphate ion batteries are also better choice. At the same time, the company, since the third quarter of 2020, German nano, Beitry, Hunan Yunyi, Hubei Wanrun and other iron lithium Zhengzi faucets, and battery manufacturers such as BYD and Guoxuan High-tech, etc., corresponding About 120,000 tons of demand, 2020 expected iron lithium positive effects in the effect of about 200,000 tons.

It is worth mentioning that BYD is currently the world’s largest lithium iron phosphate ion battery manufacturer, and after this, the price of lithium iron phosphate ion battery has increased, and BYD will benefit from the scale advantage, or will benefit first.

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